· and is associated with stress and coping

High context vs.
low context    

Long term
orientation vs. short term orientation

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Masculinity vs.

Individualism vs.

High power
distance vs. low power distance

It is the difference
between the cultures of the home and host country. Hofstede categorises them as
he following dimensions:

1.2  Cultural distance

adaptation refers to well-being or mood of the expatriate and their ability to
settle in the unfamiliar environment and is associated with stress and coping
contexts. It suggests that the new unfamiliar environment upsets old routines
and creates feeling of uncertainty in everyday life. At the same time, socio-cultural
adjustment is connected to expatriate’s behavioral competence in social
interaction. A few factors that influence socio-cultural adaptation are language
fluency, awareness about the culture of the host country etc.  

1.1  Socio-cultural Adaptation

key factor influencing expatriate’s ability to work involves the adaptation of
the individual to the new country. The inability to perform effectively in the
new environment results in performance lower than the expected, poor
management, low productivity, and failure to meet corporate objectives,
organization’s goals.


this globalized world of business, international jobs have become a common
experience for many people. In order to have global expansion, employees are
often work in countries away from their homes and are referred to as
expatriates. An expatriate is an employee sent by his or her company in one
country to manage operations in a different country. These international jobs
have high demands from employees and may lead to employees fulfilling
organizations demands. The strategies adopted by companies domestically may not
work globally. The expatriate failure rates have been as high as up to 40%, the
organizations must take into consideration the factors that lead to these
failures, so as to have a better market holding in the international markets.
This proposal aims to study the various factors that influence expatriates’
performance. There are numerous factors that influence an expatriate’s

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