• in your daily working life as

• Think about different approaches to leadership from this week’s Learning Resources.
• Identify two leaders who have influenced you during your life; choose one who is a business leader and one who is not. Your identified leaders can be current or from history.
To complete this Key Concept Exercise:

By Saturday
In an approximately 500-word response, address the following issues/questions:
• Be sure to explain the different approaches through an analysis of any associated leadership theories.
• In formulating your Key Concept Exercise, consider the following questions:
o What did your identified leaders do that made them good leaders?
o How did the two leaders differ in their approach to leadership and what was the impact of the different approaches on their followers?
o Were there differences in the way the business leader and the non-business leader operated because of their environment (business or not)?
o How would you apply the knowledge of these approaches and any associated leadership theories in your daily working life as a business leader?

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