1.0 Rahmat Sulistyo. Sido Mucul is a traditional

1.0 IntroductionTolak Angin is an herbal medicine that was created by the founder of Sido Muncul in 1930, Mrs. Rahmat Sulistyo. Sido Mucul is a traditional herbal medicine and pharmaceutical company. Starting in 1940 in Yogyakarta, Sido Mucul was originally a cottage industry and slowly grew into a big famous company as it is today. In 1951, Sido Mucul’s existence become prominent in the medical industry, Tolak Angin has built their own factory this year. Nowadays Tolak Angin is produced in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard factory, owned by PT. Industri Jamu and PT. Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk. Tolak Angin’s ingredients consists of; Foeniculi Fructus (10%), Isorae Fructus (10%), Caryophylli Folium (10%), Zingerberis Rhizma (10%), Menthae Arvensitis (10%), Burmanni Cortex (10%), Centellae Herba (10%), Caryophylli Folium (10%), and also Mel Deputatum (honey 10%). Tolak Angin can overcome the symptoms of colds, such as; flatulence, nausea, fever, and headaches. Beside as a traditional medicine, Tolak Angin can also Maintain stamina and bodies condition especially for an overnight worker and heavy worker. Tolak Angin are also prevent motion sickness after traveling in a long distance. Especially overnight worker and heavy worker. Tolak Angin proved to be effective in maintaining the immune system, through an indicator of the increase of T cells as its parameter. In addition, Tolak Angin has been exported to several continents such as Asian, Asia, Europe, United States, Middle East, and Australia. In this case, Tolak Angin has  big opportunities to be export to Canada as Canada doesn’t have any traditional medicine to relieve colds, etc. India also has big opportunities to be introduced to Tolak Angin since they only have a few traditional medicine in their country.2.0 MethodologyThe type of research that will be done are secondary and primary research meaning that, all of the data that have been stated in this report was taken through the internet and also through interviews from particular people related to Tolak Angin and Sido Mucul. The people that will be interviewed are employees from PT. Sido Muncul which is the mother company of Tolak Angin. The interview topic will be about the marketing mix regarding Sido Mucul. This will help determine whether it’s suitable or not with the rules and regulations in Canada. Secondary data will be gained through research with both qualitative and quantitative data regarding the brand. Qualitative data aimed for statistics and numbers regarding Tolak Angin and Quantitative data aimed for the history, and background of Tolak Angin. For Instance; Tolak Angin has a famous slogan in order to attract customers to buy their product called” Smart People Drink Tolak Angin” Despite the brands, several information about bureaucracy and market in Canada and India will also gained from the internet in order to determine which country would be the best country to be introduced to Tolak Angin.

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