1.1: it past your heart to the arteries


Cerebral aneurysms are defined as an cerebrovascular disorder
where artery or vein in brain becomes weak thus creating localized dilation or
ballooning of blood vessels. It is of 3 types.

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 Aneurysms may occur due
to accuqired diseases or heredity factors such as Coarctation of the   aorta, Marfan syndrome,Sickle cell anemia,
and Fungal infections etc.

The common symptoms include Headaches,stiff neck,body pain,face
pain,vomiting etc.


Since there is less symptoms with this
disease the diagnosis plays a key role in this. Though CBC sometimes can give
us solutions regarding this problem the best way is to go with MRI and CT scans
with their advanced versions.While CT uses specialized X-ray beams MRI uses
magnetic field with radio waves for detection.Advanced version s of MRI and CT
scans are Magnetic resonance angiography(MRA) and CT angiography. Cerebral angiogram is another technique in which doctor inserts a thin, flexible tube
(catheter) into a large artery via  your
groin and passes it past your heart to the arteries in your brain. A special
dye injected into the catheter travels to arteries throughout your brain. We
can get the output in form of x-ray images in this invasive technique that is
perfered less.



                 While both MRI and CT are commonly
medical imaging modalities there are differences between them. While MRI uses
radiowaves and magnetization,CT uses X-ray beam for imaging.While the fomer is
used for soft tissues the later is used for Hard tissues like bones etc. CT
test shows whether blood has leaked near In&Around areas of brain. However
it does not clearly show the site of aneurysm rupture. Since it is harmful it
is not recommended for children and pregnant ladies.

MRI gives more Enhanced images thus making us to locate the
aneurysm. For futher diagnosis we may go with MRA and CTA where dye is injected
via vein that reaches arteries around the brain to find the blockage.









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