1. the activity with proper future planning. 2.

1. What are the phases of overall Incident Response development process?
A. In every organization the incident response plan is essential to detect the threats and to recover from any security breaches that affected the Business. Typically, the IR process plan consists of following:
Preparation: It plays an important role in preparing the personnel to handle the situations when any security breach incident occurs.
Detection and analysis: To determine whether the event is the security incident or not and analyze the effects that caused.
Containment: Estimating the risk of the damage and keep apart the secured property for security breach.
Eradication: Need to know the reason for the incident and eliminate the damage.
Recovery: Bringing back the business in to normal operating conditions with the sign of no threats.
Post incident activity: Maintain records and monitor the activity with proper future planning.
2. What are the ways training can be undertake for the CSIRT?
A. Computer security incident response teams plays an important role when security incident occurs. In this several training and rehearsal activities need to be undertaken for the security breaches. Different internal, external training programs are to be conducted on regular basis. Incident response plan should be tested and regularly monitored for the latest technology and the personnel should be trained to handle the unexpected situations. Therefore, they are important for maintaining confidentially, integrity and availability of the organization.
3. Briefly discover the possible training deliver methods?
A. An effective approach for handling the security incident should be carried out when the breach occurs. Several training methods need to employed for each and every person involved in that specific area. Formal internal and external trainings need to be given. Different methods of trainings are delivered to the trainee like computer based provided training with installed softwares and video, audio modes of communication for seminar and presentation of the personnel, other types of training awareness are conducted on the work onsite for the effectiveness of the problem solution, and required support from the management is provided for the training.

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