1. (1.1) In a business environment, there are

(1.1) In a business environment, there are many forms of communication used. The main methods used to communicate within a business are as follows;
• Verbal
• Non-Verbal
• Written
Each can be used for different things and reasons.
Verbal Communication is also known as oral communication. It can be preformed face-to-face with someone, through phone call/video chat, etc. The main advantage of verbal communication is that it conveys information extremely quick and if the information isn’t clear it can be queried instantaneously. Verbal communication is the most common form of communication in and out of the work place as it is convenient, efficient, and often cost little to nothing.
Non-Verbal communication often is used in parallel to verbal communication. It is made up of body actions, facial expressions, appearance, etc. Non-Verbal communication can be harder to convey information with as it depends on how the audience interprets the action. For example, someone tells a co-worker to complete a task for the boss by saying, “Boss asked you to do this.” This generic sentence can be interpreted to determine the important of the task by the person’s non-verbal communications. If the person said this in a stern voice while making full eye-contact and standing with a good posture, it is more likely to be interpreted as an important task compared to being given the same information who says it in a joking voice, while not looking at the co-worker, etc. This form of communication is as important as verbal communication and adds further information to verbal communication through less obvious connotations.
Written communication has may mediums, including; Email, text, notes, letters, telegrams, contracts, etc.
Each medium has their own separate advantages and disadvantages. The most used forms of written communication in a business environment are Email, letters, contracts, and text.
Letters are probably the most traditional form of communication within a business. Because of this, letters often carry important information. Letters are often straight to the point but are often one of the more expensive forms of communication within a business as the sender has to pay for paper, envelope, and stamps, as well as insurance if the letter carries confidential information.
Emails quickly became the replacement for letters soon after being established and more businesses started using computers. This is because they act like a letter, but are much cheaper, and the recipient gains the information days quicker compared to letter. Because of this, Email is the more predominant form of written communication in the work place.
Contracts are used by most companies and are often legally binding. This allows companies to make agreements which will benefit each other and often require a person of authority’s signature from each business to show that the companies agree with the terms offered.
Texts are often used in business environments to pass information of little importance as they are quick and efficient and take seconds to write and send.

(1.2) How people who work in a business environment communicate with co-workers is often different compared to people who are from outside the business. (i.e.: customers, suppliers, etc.)
Most businesses and companies have their own language, and the language will be used daily. Most jobs which manually labouring will have a wide range while office jobs will have less. In office-based businesses, such as an accountancy firm, this language mostly consists of abbreviations. An example of this using codes which the company is internally registered as rather than the company’s name. A 2nd example of this is abbreviating forms of tax to the main initials such as Council Tax to CT or Value Added Tax to VAT. This allows co-workers to communicate with each other without taking extra seconds to give something its actual name and these languages can be used in written form and spoken form.
If the in-company language was used to a client or someone else from outside the company, there could be some confusion as it is unlikely the person would understand this language. Because of this, whilst speaking to someone from outside the business it is important to use the proper words with some degree of detail and correct grammar. This allows the conversations to run smoothly and the client/customer/supplier/etc to leave feeling that s/he understood what has happened in the meeting. This is important because it allows both parties to understand each other’s interest to a high standard, which means both groups can go to work with a clear idea of what to do.
(1.3) In business communications, the use of correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and conventions are important.
The use of correct grammar can affect how easy something is to read. If something is written in poor grammar, it can be misunderstood as it is harder to read. To express your communication more clearly and more precisely, whether written or spoken, it is important to use correct grammar.
The correct use of sentence structure in communications within a business can also affect the readability of text. Using different sentence types can help emphasise different points and can strengthen how one conveys ideas. The correct sentence structure can help the communication to be understood correctly, where as the wrong sentence structure can lead to misinterpretation.
Using punctuation correctly can completely change to the meaning of a sentence. For example; “You’re 18.” Has a different meaning to “You’re 18?” Even though both sentences have the same words used. Punctuation is also used to separate sentences as well as clarifying the meaning.
Like punctuation, the correct spelling can affect the meaning of a sentence. Because of this, using the correct spelling is also crucial in business communications.
The use of conventions need to be adjusted depending on the audience, context, and purpose. Conventions are the way spellings, capitalisation, punctuation, grammar, and paragraphing are used to make a text more understandable to its audience. This allows the audience to read the text more fluently rather than wasting time trying to interpret it. If speaking to a colleague or client, there is going to be jargon and correct grammar, etc used within the speech, however, if someone is speaking to friend, the language will be adjusted.

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