1.1- more. The different formats of communication is

1.1- Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment.
In the business environment a variety of different communication methods are used. These include, letters, emails, phone calls, system messages and many more. The different formats of communication is used for different reasons, for example: urgency. Making a phone call is much more convenient and speedier than sending a letter. Secondly, depending on the recipient could change the chosen method of communication. A customer may want something more formal than a phone call so a letter or email may be more appropriate. However, in the means of confirming a delivery or contacting another depot a system method may be the most efficient. Furthermore, contacting a depot or receiver overseas emailing may be the most the most cost effective as a phone call may be expensive as well as sending a letter; sending a letter would also take a long time for them to receive.
1.2- Describe the communication requirements of different audiences
Depending on the audience depends on the different requirements of language and communication. For example, sending work/ information internally (to somebody who works for the same organisation), may just be a matter of an email or a note to be given. Giving information to a college would be much more informal to an external member, eg a customer as the attention to detail would be less than to a customer. Depending on the audience, the language and tone of the document may change. For example, talking to a customer would be formal with language such as ‘Sir’, written in full sentences and correct grammar, tense and punctuation. On the other hand, an email sent to a college would be informal. This wouldn’t require such close attention to detail and could even include slang.
Secondly, the purpose of the email, phone call etc. would change for its audience, whilst emailing a college it may be as simple as needing an order of new paper to be made. However communicating with a customer or supplier would need a clear and direct purpose. This may be requesting a pod, or discussing an invoice.
Finally, the communication requirements change due to its audience through the presentation of the document – depending on the context of the document. For example an email going to a paying customer may include graphs, tables and other numerical information. This would be helpful to the receiver as they can visualize the information easier and to compare to previous months with these data. Furthermore, underlining may be used for a title, bold, italic or highlighted font may be used to get attention on a particular point in the document.
1.3- Explain the importance of using correct:
a. grammar
Grammar is important as it helps people to understand what it is you’re saying to somebody. When a sentence contains lots of errors it doesn’t flow properly and becomes difficult to follow. The use of grammar is important whilst writing and speaking to ensure that people fully grasp what you’re trying to communicate.
b. sentence structure
It is important to ensure the correct sentence structure because it gives a variety to the text you are writing; you can select specific sentence structures to get your desired effect. When you use different types of sentences it helps to emphasise your different words and ideas. For example, simple sentences contain one independent clause. When sentence structure is being used correctly it is easy to interpret.
c. punctuation
Punctuation is vital as it makes sure the text flows and makes sense to the reader. Punctuation can be used in numerous different ways, for numerous different reasons; it can be used to conjoin two separate sentences, to split up two sentences, to add in more information, for effect and for many other reasons. Incorrect punctuation could result in the wrong meaning being conveyed to the reader.
d. spelling
Whilst writing business documents it is important that the spelling is checked and correct. Once again, when everything is spelt correctly it is flows much easier and is clear for the reader. Spelling helps to create the connection shared between verbal and written communication.
e. conventions
Conventions are important whilst writing business documents as it helps the email/letter read much easier. It also helps for the document to overall seem more formal, respectable and professional for the receiver.

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