Statement of the problem Business

1. Statement of the problem

Business entities to succeed consistently over all integration between shareholders, Managing body and the society is very important, to keep this balance sound corporate governance is key factor for organizations. This might scale up to significant and irreversible loss which may lead businesses to closure if not managed and addressed timely and have a system in place to mitigate the risk.

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The board of directors plays essential role in the effective governance of its bank. The board is accountable to shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders and also responsible for overseeing management, providing organizational leadership, and establishing core corporate values.

In view of the above core values, Dashen Bank is part of the business world and hence the challenge indicated above are expected as any other business entities. The research will help keep the company health and stakeholders to take lesson from the assessment to strengthen their best practices and improve on the gaps that might be identified.

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