1. Although about 10,000 of them have been

1. Every bacterium is made up of single cell.
2. The largest bacterium, named Thiomargarita namibiensi can reach up to 0.75 millimeters and exceeds the standard point having a diameter of 0.351 millimeters.
3. Although about 10,000 of them have been described and studied to date but Scientists believe that there are more than trillions of bacteria in the world.
4. The evolution of Bacteria is so fast but the appearance of bacteria has not changed for billion years.
5. The total weight of bacteria colonies living in the human body is two kilograms.
6. A study shows that there are more microbes on the surface of the mobile phone than are found on the toilet seat or on the sole of shoes.
7. The smell of rain that some people love is caused by actinomycetes.
8. The man who discovered the connection between bacteria and disease in 1850 was Louis Pasteur.
9. Scientists have discovered more than 1,458 species of bacteria in the human navel.
10. There are almost 40 thousand bacteria of different types in the human mouth.
11. In every 20 minutes a new bacterial species grows on kitchen sponge.
12. Bacteria can have from zero to a thousand flagella, with which they move in space.

13. During a kiss, people can pass on to each other 278 species of bacteria. Of these, 95% are safe.
14. Bacteria arose on the planet about 4 billion years ago and were the first living beings to inhabit the Earth.

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15. Archaebacteria thermoacidophiles is the oldest organism discovered by scientists on Earth.
16. Human sweat has no smell, its different types of bacteria that inhabit our skin that produce unpleasant odor.
17. Office where there are more male employees the number of bacteria is higher than in office with female employees.
18. Computer keyboard have 200 times more bacteria than on toilet seat.
19. Bacteria are even present in hair spray.
20. Due to bacteria Earth’s atmosphere began to accumulate oxygen, for several billion years reached a concentration suitable for breathing.
21. Bacteria are helpful in many ways- the formation of fertile soils, minerals, the destruction of the bodies of dead animals and plants, help in food digestion and many more.
22. There is a bacterium that “eats” trinitrotoluene. With the help of it, scientists want to resolve the issue of mine clearance
23. There is a kind of bacteria that can not kill by any of the modern antibiotics. It was discovered by scientists from New Zealand.
24. In 2007, scientists revived 8 million year old bacteria from the Antarctic ice.
25. Using of hand dryer increases 255% bacteria count on your hand but on the other hand using paper towel is more useful it decreases bacteria 45-60%.
26. According to the South Korean Bureau of Consumer Protection, the number of bacteria on the handles of large shopping carts reaches 1100 colonies per 10 cm².
27. There are no or very less bacteria in our ear canal because earwax is made up of antibacterial component.
28. Penicillin was the discovery of Alexander Fleming in 20th century and he already warned that bacteria can develop resistance against antibiotics overuse.
29. Approximately 2,500types of bacteria are present on our currency note.
30. Newborn babies have no bacteria in them.
31. Three are groups of viruses that cause infection to bacteria.
32. With the help of bacteria, soil and water contaminated with petroleum products can be cleaned.
33. Most of the antibiotics are produced by fungi or bacteria.
34. There is a kind of bacteria that are so resistant to radiation that scientists call them “Conan the Bacterium”.
35. The smallest bacterium is 0.1 – 0.2 microns.
36. Honey naturally contains bacteria of Botulism. Babies cannot process it, and therefore it should not be given to them.
37. The number of microbes in the human body is much higher than the number of cells.
38. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek was the first to see microbes in a drop of water using a microscope.
39. Microbes inhabit almost the entire surface of the earth. It can be found both in the upper layers of the atmosphere and in the oceans at a depth of 10 km.
40. Chocolates have anti-bacterial effects.
41. Recently scientists have discovered rust-eating bacteria; scientists believe that it can destroy the wreck of titanic in 20 years.
42. Gonorrhea bacteria are the strongest creature on earth. They can pull 100,000 times of their own weight.
43. No two person can same have same microbiome.
44. There are about 500 million bacteria on single tooth.
45. East Asians have genes that stop them sweating and that’s why they no odor-causing bacteria.
46. When we wear headphone or earphones for 1 hour it increases bacteria in your ear 700 times.
47. One table spoon of bacterium C. botulinum can kill all the human being of USA.
48. The number of bacteria doubles after using toilet.
49. According to research 70% of population doesn’t wash hands after using toilet.
50. Human poop is mostly dead and alive bacteria.

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