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1 Employee Services 1.1 Employee Services 1.2 Employee Grievances  1.3 Government-Relations Services for non-Saudi Employees 1.4 Commercial License Permit for Saudi Employees  Employee Services Policy Statement:The Human Resources Function will provide employees with different types of services as well as answer any related questions to those services.

 Policy Purpose:To offer an expert assistance, guidance and service for all employees’ human resource needs.  Policy Details:Human Resources Function services include but limited to: ·     Employee ID Cards ·     Parking Permit·     Employment Letter·     Payslip ·     Employees’ Occasions Dissemination·     Business Cards All services must be completed and submitted through the appropriate channels, either in-person ore-mail.                      Employee Grievances Policy Statement:The Foundation is committed to enable employees to voice their complaints and concerns in a constructive way. Policy Purpose:To offer a mechanism for an employee to present a grievance arising from their employment. The Policy will also ensure that such grievances will be dealt with promptly, fairly and in accordance with other related policies, the Ministry of Labour and the Foundation.

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 Policy Details:For the purposes of this policy, a grievance is defined as any type of problem, concern, or complaint related only to work or the work environment. A grievance may be about and act, omission, situation, or decision that an employee believes to be unfair or unjustified. Provisions – The fundamental approach to settling any issue is open communication between an employee’s his/her direct manager in an informal discussion.  If such discussion did not resolve the issue informally, and the employee still believes that his/her complaint rises to the level of a grievance, then the employee may submit a formal grievance request as described in this policy to seek an equitable solution.

– A grievance request must be written along with the appropriate documents.- A grievance will be escalated to Human Resources Function and Chief Financial Officer investigation, in which the grievance decisions will be final. – All employees should raise and deal with issues promptly and should not unreasonably delay meetings, decisions or confirmation of those decisions.

– The Foundation understands that a formal grievance procedure can be a stressful and uneasy experience for all involved employees. Hence, employees involved in the process will be entitled to be treated calmly with respect wile upholding confidentiality. No toleration any kind of abusive or insulting behavior form anyone taking part in or conducting grievance procedures. Any such behavior will be considered as misconduct under the Foundation’s disciplinary actions policies.- In case the grievance is found malicious intentions or false-documented proofs, a disciplinary action may be taken against the claimant.

– The policy is not intended to cover employment issues that have a separate appeals process. This policy also will not be available to contest, dismissal, demotion, suspension or other disciplinary measure. If a grievance is filed and a disciplinary action has begun for the same or related issue, no further action shall be taken with the grievance procedures while such disciplinary action is pending. Time Limitation Any grievance reporting should be lodged within 30 calendar days after the act or the condition giving rise to the grievance.

This policy applies to grievances filed once the policy comes into effect  Government-Relations Services for non-Saudi employees Policy Statement:The Foundation is committed to provide several Government-relations services for non-Saudi employees.   Policy Purpose:To maintain active-legal status and meet the labour laws and governmental rules and regulations Policy Details:The Human Resources Function offers many Government-relations services for non-Saudi employees as follows: ·        Resident Identity ·        Labour License·        Exit Re-entry Requests ·        Family Visit ·        Business Visit·        Sponsorship  Resident Identity and Labour License-The Human Resources Function will be responsible for governing issued and renewed Resident Identity and Labour License for all non-Saudi employees. – The Foundation will cover any associated expenses of these two services except as follows:·        In case of an employee’s Resident Identity and/or Labour License expired due to late the employee’s submission of required documents, any imposed late fees will be at the employee’s own expenses. ·        In case of an employee’s Resident Identity is lost, the replacement issuance fees will be at the employee’s own expenses.·        In case of an employee’s lost Resident Identity is expired due to late the employee’s submission of required documents, any imposed late fees will be at the employee’s own expenses.  Exit Re-entry Requests – All single and multiple Exit Re-entry requests will be at employee’s own expenses- All single and multiple Exit Re-entry requests must be paid before submission. – At least a week prior a travel date, all single and multiple Exit Re-entry requester must complete the Exit Re-entry request Form, and have it approved by the line manager and Human Resources.  Family Visit Visa- The Foundation will support and assist non-Saudi employees in their Visit Visa application for immediate family members whom are: Wife; Son/Daughter; Parents; Parents in Law.

  – Complete the online Form via e-Visa Services at Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.- All such requests must meet salary, job title, qualification requirements in accordance with government guidelines.- All Family Visit Visa applications are subject to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval. – Family Visit Visa validity is up to three months and may be expended upon Passport General Department approval. Such extension requests submit to the Human Resources Function after fulfilling the obligatory documents.

– All Family Visit Visa-related fees, issuance; extension; and fines will be at the requester’s own expense.   Business Visit Visa- The Foundation will process and support Business Visit Visa requests for a designated function for project-based purposes. – The Human Resources Function will apply for a Business Visit Visa application for expert visitors to enable them to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. – Such Visa is valid up to three months and, may be requested by the designated function to be expended as long as at least seven working days prior Visa expiration date.- In case of non-renewal in the specified time— due to a visitor’s late documents submission, any associated fees will be at the designated function’s expenses.  Sponsorship The Human Resources Function will process Sponsorship for non-Saudi new hires. Inside the Kingdom:- Must have a transferable Resident Identity.- Obtain current sponsor’s approval in the Ministry of Labour website.

– Bring no-objection letter and a Service Certificate from the sponsor.- Must national origin be in the approved list within the permitted sponsorship transferring. – The offer job must be available for non-Saudis Outside the Kingdom- The offer job must be available for non-Saudis.  Sponsorship Transferring   All Sponsorship Transferring requests will be approved by Chief Financial Officer.                     Commercial License Permit for Saudi Employees Policy Statement:Saudi employees may already own or would like to have a Commercial License Permit for business purposes. Policy Purpose:To enable Saudi employees to apply for a Commercial License Permit and ensure that their private interests do not conflict or appear to conflict with their duties and responsibilities at the Foundation. Policy Details:- Saudi employees who wish to have a Commercial License Permit should submit a request to Human Resources Function for approval.

– The request should clearly describe the nature of the private business. – A final approval will be granted only if it proved that there is no an endeavor or activity influences or appears to influence the ability of an individual to exercise objectivity or impairs the individual’s ability to perform his or her employment responsibilities in the best interests of the foundation 


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