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  1        Is the Web Influencing The Operating System??? ACase Study Hafiz Muhammad Azeem Sarwar2017(F)-MS-CS-19Department of Computer Science& Engineering, Universityof Engineering and TechnologyE-mail –[email protected] Muhammad Usman Javed2017(F)-MS-CS-27Department of Computer Science& Engineering, Universityof Engineering and TechnologyE-mail – [email protected] —————————————————————-ABSTRACT—————————————————————– In the last ten years usage of internet has beenadopted on a very large scale. Internet in this manner specially the Web haschanged the way how individuals consider utilizing PCs in their everyday life.  Two terminologies have gained popularitythese days in this regard i.e.

Cloud Computing and Web OS.  Web OS is a new form of Operating Systemthrough which you can manage your data virtually from anywhere in the world. Onthe other hand. Cloud Computing is a new advancement in the field of IT which isfacilitating the users by reducing the dependency on platform compatibility. Inthis modern era people are shifting towards Web from traditional Operatingsystem.

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In this review paper, a glance is presented that how Web has affectedthe traditional OS and a critical analysis has been presented about differentaspects of Web OS and Cloud Computing. I.                   INTRODUCTIONWeb is therising platform of this era. It’s a sequence of interlinked hypertext filesplaced on Internet servers, which contain textual content, pictures, videos andvarious other resources. Web and Internet are two compulsory terms for eachother which are commonly used together. Operating systems (OS) are experiencingbrilliant modifications with rapid era advancements. Initially operatingsystems were designed in such a way that they may meet basic requirements ofthe users, however as time passes user requirements have modified and aren’t restrainedto local device programs or services.

In order to satisfy user needs, Web OSand Cloud computing has been developed to meet the today’s demanding situations Formerly, traditional OS had thecapability to fulfill the demands of a single user, however with the passage oftime and with the advancements and improvement of recent technology it hasadopted the strength of performing a set of duties at a time, and as a resultOS accelerated itself in a way that it may be accessed with the useful resourcesover the internet ultimately through Web to execute any software program. This isthe place from where the concept of Web OS arose. ANOVERVIEW OF WEB OS Web Operating System can bedescribed as a Web desktop which can also be described as virtual desktopfollowing the cloud computing methodology. It includes a desktop environment withapplications and system.

It can be accessed     portable devices and smartphones.  Web OS is designed as a dispensedmachine. The Web OS framework enables a new paradigm for Internet services. WebOS purpose is to offer a platform which lets in the person to benefit from thecomputational potential supplied by the Web. It’s aimed is to make to be had toall sites of the community sources to execute computations for which nearbyresources are lacking The kernel of a Web OS node is amachine, a reactive machine responding to requests from users or system. A WebOS-node integrates person, server, and programs.

It is able to supplying a setof services, that can pass directly to each different request when suitable.Again, because of Web is dynamically changing, there exist a few warehousesthat related to the Web OS node provide the necessary statistics and additivesforassembly asked services. Each WebOS node is using its own warehouses to shop and constantly update data aboutthe node and available services and resources.

 ANOVERVIEW OF CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud is a simplified OperatingSystem walking on a Web browser presenting get entry to a spread of Web basedapplications that allow the consumer to perform many easy duties withoutbooting a complete-scale Operating System. The Operating System is designed forMobile Internet Devices and PCs which are particularly used to browse the Internet.From cloud the consumer can speedy boot into the principle OS, due to the factCloud      continues booting the main OS inthe heritage.

Cloud computing is something or/and the whole thing in on-line.Online is all in Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is all based totally onInternet. Cloud computing refers to a machine in online in which offerings areintroduced over the Internet.

Anybody can get entry to thru Internet into cloudcomputing international. Cloud computing is referred to as Internet basedtotally computing, with shared resources, software and facts is supplied tocomputer systems and different devices. Cloud Computing is a computing whereinservices and software are supplied over the Internet which may be veryreasonably-priced and low cost.

Cloud computing is a generation that uses thenet and imperative far off servers to preserve statisticsand packages. Cloud computinglets in consumers and companies to use applications without installation andget right of entry to their private documents at any laptop withnet get admission to. Example ofcloud computing is http://www.

salesforce.com, Yahoo mail or Google mail and soon. Clients does not want software or a server to use them. The server andemail management software program is all over the Internet and is absolutelymanaged by the cloud service provider Yahoo, Google and so on. The client receivesto apply the software program on my own and enjoy the advantages. Cloudcomputing is on call for get admission to virtualization.  IT resources which might be used outside ofclient personal statistics middle, shared by others, easy to apply, paid for viamonthly subscription which is very low in cost, and accessed over the Web withmany functions in it. The primary concept of cloud computing is the usage ofsoftware via the Internet in place of putting in it.

Cloud Computing defines asoftware that manages collections of infrastructure as an Operatingsurroundings created in aconsumer’s laptop from an internet utility stored on the cloud and run via a Webbrowser. LITERATUREREVIEW The increase in use of internetsubsequently the Web has modified the conventional view of operating system.The key concept is to move the working gadget to Web without dependency ofplatform and device so that the users can get entry into it without difficultyfrom anywhere. Web OS is the use of Web packages massively like from far areaswith having the facility accessing record structures, emails, Web basedprocessing, and communication means. Web OS is similar to traditional workingdevice as Web applications are accessed by Web browsers which uses it as aninterface It can be remotely accessed through browser with different URL’s Web OS is platform independentworking machine which gets rid of compatibility problems of Web programs andconventional computer working systems. The identical program runs on homewindows, Mac, or Linux with net and Web access and does not require anyhardware drivers.

Web OS has variations inside its structure.     As time passes, using Webpackages rises and it will increase the demand for facts and applications to bestored on cloud.The effect of virtualization onoperating device is that now user isn’t based of a single operating systeminstead of it, they are able to use more than one operating systems of theirchoice.

The effect of cloud computing that cloud base users, have access to theprograms via browser. They haven’t any need of running device simply need torun the browser. Memory, disc space, and different sources are shared throughcloud gadget. Virtualization generation allows a PC or a server to run a coupleof working machine or more than one classes of single operating system on theequal time. This permits customers to position variety of programs going forwalks even folks who are on special operating device.

That’s why this method isutilized in enterprise to optimize the usage of hardware. This enables us touse many operating systems on a single gadget.


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