1. everyday just because I did not know

Fernando Zhong

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See; published by Random House Publishing Group

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This story is back in 1937, in the city of Shanghai. Two
sisters were sold by their father to suitors who were from Los Angeles looking
for Chinese brides, in order for him to repay his gambling debts. It was the
dawn of the Japanese invasion. As the two sisters traveled across the ocean,
they had to make important yet bitter decisions and sacrifices in order to
survive in this new environment of what we called Los Angeles.  

I chose this book because I find myself in a similar
situation with them, though not sold by my father, but I migrated to United
States from China. So, I can relate how they felt when coming to a new and
strange world where everyone speaks different languages. In the book, I was not
surprised when the Shanghai Girls mentioned how Chinese immigrants are treated
poorly in the United States. I found this statement true because I was in the
same situation at school. I was being bullied everyday just because I did not
know how to speak English.

Short biography of the author and her relationship to California
(no more than 2 pages)

Lisa See had written many novels based on creating strong
connections between women, romantic love, and love of country. Her novels had
been in the New York Times
bestsellers and won numerous awards in the country and internationally. One of
her novels, Snow Flower was made into
a feature film by Fox Searchlight.

Ms. See grew up in
Los Angeles with her family. She had spent lots of her time with her father’s
family in Chinatown. She was the Publishers
Weekly West Coast Correspondence for thirteen years. She wrote the libretto
for Los Angeles Opera and played at the Japan American Theatre on 2000. At the
time when the Chinatown’s MTA metro station open, Ms. See wrote the companion
guidebook for Angels Walk L.A. As of today, Ms. See is working as a Los Angeles
City Commissioner. 



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