1.Globalization serious problems have arisen, such as the

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1.Globalization is an irresistible issue for mankind in the 21st century. It is a competition as well as collaboration of different countries in all aspects of politics, economy, education and culture. At this time, the innovation and application of knowledge not only become an important foundation for the development of the world, but also a platform for creating an international perspective and the basis for expanding academic fields. Moreover, knowledge has also become the gap between economic power and weak power, the core and the fringe. University education plays an important role in academic internationalization. The development of higher education affects the nation’s competitiveness even further.

Because of this, when the existing education system has been unable to cultivate talents who adapt to the new trend of the times, a group of dedicated people and experts concerned with the development of education in our country have contributed to the government’s efforts to promote a series of education reforms in the hope of fostering talents with international competitiveness. As a result, a series of changes have also taken place at the university level, such as the changes in university admission, the expansion of schools and the pursuit of excellence at universities. However, despite the increase in the number of universities and the sharp increase in the enrollment rate of university students during the ten-year reform, many serious problems have arisen, such as the rise of tuition fees, the controversy of university entrance forms and the quality of college students, etc. It also arouses many bouts of rebellion and deception by the people in the community. Some even raise the question as to whether higher education personnel trained under such a reform can really create international competitiveness for the future of our country. And is such a reform even more profound in society? Class does not flow? 2.

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For the current situation in Taiwan University, private school fees are 5 to 7 times more expensive than public university tuitions, compared with private school tuitions. Those who are motivated to study hard, Often because they cannot squeeze into public universities, which chose private schools, not out of the community began to work hard to make money, they took the school loan this a heavy burden. However, we think that the school is the place for education and education should be selfless. As Confucius once said (self-discipline is above, I did not hesitate.

) The idea is that as long as it is brought with meager modesty I will teach him. Standing in the position of a teacher, you should say no to the students: “If you want to learn something, I would like to teach you only a little gift.” Instead, I would say to the students: “As long as you really want I would like to teach you if I am a student. “I think the achievement of a student is his best reward for a teacher.

In fact, since ancient and modern times, he did not know how many teachers he is without any remuneration or even Is out of pocket to help students learn. Furthermore, students are not commodities. Instead of educating students to calculate the opportunity cost, high tuition fees should be charged. So, this time we set the theme as a free university 3. Free college has advantages and disadvantages, let us ? one for you to explain it


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