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Last updated: May 14, 2019

1)    Product: Rubik’sCube  2)   Strategic Proposal:  a)    Businessprofessionals:  Overview of Rubik’s cube:  Business is like a Rubik’s cube; a problem that needs to be solved. Solving the puzzles that matter to your business areworth working on, sooner rather than later. Like the Rubik’s Cube, planning forthe growth, sustainability, and succession of the business is complex. Ratherthan trying to navigate the different areas on your own, engage your expertsand bring them together to help you solve the longevity and sustainabilitypuzzle. Insight:  Being in business is morethan just a job. It’s a way of life and a way of thinking.

The key is knowingand understanding how to put everything together, every business day forsuccess. Business success means being able to twist, turn, to always thinkthrough and be flexible with what comes next in your business day just likewith a Rubik’s Cube. Be able to strategically handle everything so it allconnects and lines up for the business owner, his co-workers and customers.It’s about getting things done and having everything fall into place by doingmore than is expected. Managing a business is like playing poker.

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Yes, there isthis excitement involved about earning money, but it is really about winningthe game and having a sense of pride.         Look at things with new and fresh perspective to reorganize whenresults are not what they need to be. 


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