1. it was used extensively in many counties

1. Introduction In recent years,according to the statistics of WHO, Vietnam is among 50 nations belonging totop two in the cancer map of the world (Viet Nam ranks in the top two on themap of cancer in the world, 2016). “One of the most popular cancer diseases havingthe highest number of cases and increasing rapidly is lung cancer which mainlycaused of using tobacco”, said that Tran Van Thuan, Direction of the CentralHospital (Viet Nam ranks in the top two on the map of cancer in the world,2016).

However, not only in Viet Nam but also other countries in the world,this disease has steadily increased with enormous user numbers, typically inAmerica. In 2008, 24.8 million men and 21.1 million women, accounting for 23.1percent and 18.

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3 percent respectively of the total population were smokers (Cigarettes smoking among adults and trends in smoking cessation in the UnitedStates, 2008).No matter how harmful smoking is, it is likely that many peoplecontinue to smoke. It is clear that smoking is a worrying problem for societyand countries around the world in terms of its effects on human health. Therefore,this paper with the aims to raise awareness on reducing smoking, will discuss thecauses, effects and solutions to solve this problem. 2. Discussion of findings 2.1.

History of tobacco. To date, cigarettes are not a newconcept and appear in almost every country in the world. Nevertheless, so farthis has been a big concern to both each country but also the whole society.Tobacco has been growing wild in the United States for about 8,000 years.However, it only began to be used and smoked in some cultures and spiritualevents or few countries in the world, also, it’s not widely really known atthis time. Christopher Columbus, a European, is the first person discoveredtobacco.

By 1600 it was used extensively in many counties all over the worldespecially in Europe and England and became more popular in the 1700s. Thentobacco industry developed industry and rapidly became one of the mainstreamindustries in many countries with huge profits. Especially, smoking rose dramaticallyduring the world wars; however, in the late of twentieth century, it lost its attractionbecause of increase in comprehension negative impacts on people’s health (Abrief history of Tobacco, 2014). 2.

2. The facts and causes of smoking recently. From appearing to the present,smoking is the most common habit of people in the many parts of the worldwithout limited to age, gender, career or social standing. In 2012, it wasestimated that 18.1% of people in the USA, 18 and order, were current smokers (Currentcigarette smoking among adults in the United States, 2008).

Insides, the numberof people in the 25-44 age group accounted for the largest percentage ofsmokers ( at 17.7%), 17.0% of people who often smoked is the 45-64 year-olds,13% is people aged 18-24 and people in the oldest age group, which made up 8.4%, had the smallest number of smokers (Current Smoking Among Adults , 2015 ).

Bygender, in developed countries, the sex percentage of men to women is 2:1, fordeveloping nations is 7:1 (Cigarette smoke and adverse health effects: Anoverview of research trends and future needs, 2007). However, there are severalreasons why smoking more and more in many countries of the world. Nowadays, workplaceis a place which have the majority of smoking persons because they are underpressure from working. This is the first cause. They chose to smoke to releasepsychological and reduce stress. Many others want to smoke cigarettes toconcentrate when they are working which will bring a good results. Besides,many people smoke because it is a good way to deal with post-traumatic stressdisorder (PTSD) symptoms, negative moods, and the stress of daily life.

Thesecond reason is the lack of self-control of the smokers when they are affectedby external factors. For example, when having lived with friends whochain-smoke and become addicted to tobacco smoked, the teenage will be enticedeasily and of course, they can become a smoking person.In orther way, teenagershave tendency to be curious so they’ll surely imitate the same.

A thing that isthe most important factor is a lack of education from their family. Maybebecause of being busy with making money or parents are smokers is basic reasonwhich lead to children exposure to tobacco early. As reported by the Harvard UniversitySchool of Public Health in 1994 (Cigarette smoke and adverse health effects: Anoverview of research trends and future needs, 2007), it was predicted thatmorbidity and mortality from smoking cigarettes will increase nearly threefoldin the worldwide in 2025. It is also projected that tobacco using status willbe an epidemic of the mankind in the next 20-30 years.  2.3.

The effects of using tobacco. Although there are some small positiveeffects, most comments suggested that smoking is bad for health because itinfluences not only health but also environment and society. The main reason isthat cigarettes contains many harmful components, “There are more than 4000chemicals in tobacco smoke, of which at least 250 are known to be harmful andmore than 50 are known to cause cancer.

“(Tobacco, 2017) “Smoking which involves tobacco whichthen contains a certain chemical known as nicotine. Nicotine is highlyaddictive chemical, and a smoking person can become a slave of nicotine forvery long time if he/she is not cautious a first time. Tobacco other thannicotine contains nineteen different cancer causing chemicals, and togetherthese chemical are called tar.”(The Harmful Effects of Smoking Health andSocial Care Essay, 23rd March, 2015) Firstly, smoking affects on health both smoking personand the non-smokers around him. Smokers are people threatened the most becausethere are many risk of diseases germs in tobacco which causes of many differenthealth problems. Smoking is principally damaging to the heart and lung and canlead to a number of lung diseases or disorders including COPD (ChronicObstructive Pulmonary Disorder), lung cancer, heart diseases, Emphysema, andshortness of breath (The Harmful Effects Of Smoking Health And Social CareEssay, 2015). According to some reports by WHO, each day, average 5 millionpeople died because of smoking cigarettes and this number could increase in 10million by 2020 if government in each nationsmdon’t have effective solutions tolimit this proble. In addition, smoke is very easy to spread in the air,therefore, people around them are affected espcially women and children (Tobacco,2017).

For instance, in Vietnam, there are about 600,000 death due to inspiresmoke every year who without using it and nearly 60% – 80% children under 5years old are affected by smoking( Vietnm: 600,000 people die every year due topassive smoking, 2016). Besides, smoking is an important to get the habit whichlose life expectancy (10 years) and costly when people smoke. Secondly, smoke also affects on the environment a lot.Almost people think that smoke only is destructive their health but in fact itis also the cause of environmental pollution.

The reason is because an amountof waste are released when people smoke including a lot of toxic chemicals suchas oils, plastic, glycol, nicotine and so on (Cause and effect essay: Badeffects of smoking, 2011). Cigarette includes aproximately 4,000 chemicalswhich leads to an enormous quantity of polution released in the atmosphereevery day (How Smoking Affects the Environment, 2011).These make soil, water aswell air is contamination, even killed many animals and plants. It is difficultfor these substances to decompose in a short period of time and there is a needto improve the contamined resources. Especially, on dry seasons, a small amount of cigarette smoke can alsocause forest fires and consequences of ecology forest.  Finally, not only health and environment but alsosociety is affected a lot by smoking. Tobacco is not cheap, so it would controlmany countries’s economic and make them can’t develop.

Moreover, people wouldspend huge money to pay for health services and for treating diseases cause ofusing tobacco. “In fact, expense for treating diseases cause by tobacco inVietnam increases rapidly from 429, 8 billion in 2004 to 1160 billion in 2006,and in the future this expense maybe higher.” (Cause and effect essay: Badeffects of smoking, 2011). Furthemore, smoking also creates social evils whichcould change our life in the negative direction. In general, there would be a lot of problems going onif people smoke.

 2.4. The solutions to reduce or quitusing cigarettes statement. Overthe last few decades, rate of smokers have steedly decreased in the USA, forexample; however, more practical measures should be taken to eliminate thisepidemic round the world. This is not only the responsibility for governmentsbut also the duty of all people.

           The task comes first from the leaders in nations. Government’snations need to take measures to deal with the smuggling of cigarettes. This isone of the most serious problems that keep smoking in the life. Especially,increase taxes or redesigned packages on this good is an important things onthis time. Moreover, there should have educational programs, campaigns topropagandize and give the best advices to everyone. On the other hand,community levels should encourage healthier lifestyle habits and combine smokingcessation programs into existing health care systems is also a need. Furthemore, there are many good others especially inAmerican with new creations.

“On the federal level, last year the FDA issuedguidance to health insurance companies that make coverage of smoking cessationmedications mandatory under Obamacare. The FDA also drafted recommendations toregulate marketing and sales of electronic cigarettes, though the laws have yetto be passed. The CDC also launched two public health media campaigns, one ofwhich was meant to target teens.

” (Should the government be doing more to reducesmoking, January 21, 2015) In addition, family and school should join hands ineducation and care more their children. Children need to have a special carefor a healthy life in the future. However, the conscious of themselves smokersis still the most important things because they is a unique person that knowhow to adjust as well as give up their bad habits. 1.    Conclusion Overall, smoking cigarettes influents a lots onhuman’s health and we should limit or give up it to protect our life. However,there is no denying the positive aspects that tobacco brings to the health.

Although that, it’s very important for people to realize the danger of smoking.”That’s why WHO choose the day 31/5 is World No Tobacco Day. All of us jointogether to make a world without smoke.” (Cause and effect essay: Bad effectsof smoking, 2011) 


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