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Last updated: May 28, 2019

1.       Get other related websites related to your website. For thisit is interesting to perform a search for those terms that you consider shouldbring traffic to your website and study which of them have complementarycontent. If for example, you want to position yourself by the term”hairdressing Madrid” it can be interesting to try to get backlinksfrom hairdressers from other cities. The theme will be similar and you do notrun the risk of “cannibalization”.2.

       Register in important directories such as Dmoz and Yahoo !.The directories have lost much interest in search engines but they are still agood starting point to get links or a first crawl of your website by searchengines. Both require a human filter for inclusion, which ensures the qualityof the added websites, but also slows down and hinders their inclusion.3.       Register and participate in forums, preferably in thematicforums related to the activity of your website.

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The frequent participation mustbe accompanied by real and valuable contribution to be taken into account as aqualified user, the detail of the success to get visits and increasepositioning is the link to your website presented in your signature.4.       Write articles on other websites. Articles are a verypowerful method to improve positioning and attract visitors. If you can writesome articles of a course, the tricks of the day, the usefulness of the productof your website.5.       Right now there are hundreds of social networks, for exampleHi5, Facebook and, Orkut, in which to participate and get visits from our new«friends».

For Google Twitter and Facebook, the most relevant social networksare for positioning.6.       Create quality content with texts that contain high densityof keywords with which web users or potential customers seek services orproducts from this site.7.       Use bold or italics in the contents for the keywords that areintended to position.8.

       Use the “meta” tags (description and title) withthe keywords, strategically chosen beforehand.9.       Use headers h1, h2, h3, etc. to highlight important terms, ortitles. You should use keywords in the headers.

10.   Optimize the URLs, we place the most important and significantkeywords for the search.11.   Carry out the structuring and design of a web page thinkingabout positioning, means paying attention to that it is functional, easy toaccess and that captures the user’s attention.12.   Create a clean web design in advertising and deliver therelevant content in the upper half of the website113.

   Make our website as accessible as possible: limit content inFlash, frames or JavaScript. This type of content does not allow the trackingor tracking of information by the robot in the different pages or sections. Forthem they are a flat space through which you can not navigate.14.   Create unique titles and relevant descriptions of the contentof each page.

Each page is a business card for the search engine. The titlesand descriptions are starting points for the identification of the relevantterms throughout the web by search engines. Best practices recommend writingtitles between 60 and 70 characters.

15.   Link internally the pages of our site in an orderly and clearmanner. A “sitemap” in the code (both Google and one present in thesite) will allow the search through the different sections of the site in anorderly manner, improving its visibility.16.   Update the page with original quality content.

17.   Exchanging content.18.   Generate traffic through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or adsin search engines with the words considered key to the website.

Likewise,generate traffic through social networks and ads segmented in the same andother pages of interest.19.   Optimize the load time of a website to achieve bandwidthreduction and Adwords CPC, increase the conversion rate and improve searchengine positioning.20.   Improve the user experience with design improvements anddecrease in bounce rates.

21.   Host the web on a reliable server.Using a correct website labeling is vital for aproper positioning.


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