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1 INTRODUCTIONElectroniccommerce is a process that has changed the human life in the way purchasinggoods electronically. Electronic commerce is one of the main criteria ofrevolution of Information Technology and communication in the field of economy.This style ofpurchasing goods got spread around the world due to the amount of benefits forhuman.

Certainly, can be claimed that e-commerce is growing every day, andexpanding massivel. But it won’t get close to the traditional business. Forexample, form and the way of traditional business has fundamentally changed.These changes are the fundamental basis for any decision made in the economy. Theexistence of the virtual markets and stores that do not occupy any physicalspace, allowing access in these markets anywhere in the world without leavinghome has gotten extremely popular, and for that reason e-commerce is being usedeveryday by an extremely high amount of people around the world. Selecting andordering goods that are placed in the virtual shop windows at unknown parts ofthe world. And while ordering the goods that we need, there are interestingadvertisings on these virtual networks, which grabs the people’s attention.

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Andthe payment is provided through electronic services, for an example the mostused and popular one is PayPal, which is giving a competition to the directmethod use of Credit Card-MasterCard.DefinitionInteraction between communication systems, data management systems andsecurity, which because of them exchanges commercial information in relation tothe sale products or services, will be available, so the main components ofelectronic commerce are: communication systems, data management systems andsecurity.It is a way tomake our purchasing easier, by not taking our time to go physically to therestaurant or store and make our purchase, where you can just visit a websiteor an app that provides the restaurants. That just save not only our time butalso our energy and money by not going to the actual restaurant.Foode-commerce is a way of food delivery or takeout from a local restaurant or foodstore through a web page, or the most common and simple way of ordering foodnowadays, through apps. All of the companies that provide onlineshopping-ordering, suggest to the customers to make an account, which storesall the important information, which they later use for delivering on the sameaddresses, and also, they provide to the customers, to save the favorite andmost common product they have bought in the past.Thereare also apps which provide the customers with many restaurants and shops whichcustomers only searche for a favorite restaurant, who are usually filtered by atype of food and choose from available items, and choose the way of getting thegoods, by delivery or pick-up at the restaurant. And the way of payment it hasbecome more and more simple, with the ways of payment.

We can pay for thepurchase online, or we can make the payment when the delivery is done, withthat meaning, when the delivery comes to our door, we pay for it and thedelivery is done.



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