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                  IntroductionNowadays, there are many researchers studying about Global Warming, but it’s still difficult to definite this problem. According to Aizebeokhai A.P’s opinion (2009), there are many pieces of evidence that prove global warming such as the surface temperature is increasing, the sea-level is rising, or a strong decline in Arctic sea ice. In more details, in the document of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the average temperatures rise by 0.2?C each decade, and until 2050, this is over pre-industrial level 2?C. It not only influences people but also affects to animals and everything that exists in the Earth. This essay, with the aimed at providing an overview for everyone, will find out the causes and effects of global warming. 2.

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                  Discussion of findings2.1.            Reality of this problemIt is difficult to define exactly what Global Warming is, but most scientists consider it to be the occurrence of phenomena such as the warming of the Earth (both land and sea), melting ice at the poles, or the change of climate extremes. Dr. Wang, J. & Dr.

Chameides, B. wrote in Global Warming’s Increasingly Visible Impacts(2005) that the summer of Europe, exactly in July and August of 2003 is the hottest summer in 500 years. At least 27,000 people were killed in a record-breaking heat of that year, breaking records of human-related deaths related to heat. In Europe, the total damage amounted to more than $ 14.7 billion in agriculture, forestry and electricity as a result of drought and forest fires.

A few years back, there was 3028 death of people in the worst heat-wave ever from April to June of 1998 in India. In 1995, with 106°F(41°C)recording  July 13th, a heat wave lasting five days caused more than 500 death in Chicago.Moreover, in a journal by Olufemi, Okocha and Olufemi, climate change which is the evidence of global warming is real. Most recently, the typhoon named Haiyan has flooded the Philippines and has had terrible consequences, particularly as it tears down high-rise buildings, leaving behind pieces of land like the Stone Age. It was the strongest storm ever recorded in history, with winds of 195 mph, a whirlwind up to 235 mph, a wave of up to fifteen feet, swept away everything it passed, Wash the ships, the buildings from where it once stood. According to statistics, about 920.

000 people have been relocated to safe places, at least 11.2 million people were affected, nearly 4.000 died and 77 missing after the storm.2.2.            Causes of global warmingGlobal warming resulted from natural factors or humans activities. 2.

2.1.  Natural CausesFirstly, it is Carbon dioxide, which is known as greenhouse gas.

As Anjali & Ranjana(2012) state that Carbon dioxide is the reason for 50% of the effect of greenhouse. Secondly, we turn to Methane. This gas is more than twenty to thirty times as effective as Carbon dioxide in keeping heat in the atmosphere. Another reason is volcano eruption. For example, Mount Etna, which located in Sicily, is one of the sources of Carbon dioxide. For each year, it adds to the atmosphere nearly 25 million tons Carbon dioxide. In the study of O. Adedeji et al.

(2014) state that global warming also resulted from the change of sunlight, change ocean currents and volcano eruption. In details, these factors above lead to something such as changing the distribution of heat and rain level in different areas of in the world.2.2.2. Human CausesAccording to the opinion of Anjali and Ranjana(2012), human release too much greenhouse gases, which are responsible for keeping heat in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are created by burning fuels such as coal, gas and oil). The average temperatures of the Earth will increase about 3 to 8 degrees in 100 years later by CO2 produced by human.

Not at all, urbanization and industrialization also contribute to environmental warming. O. Adedeji et al. (2014) has shown the same view when they wrote in their study that human also produces greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels for cars, industry and household. By doing this, we add more and more GHG(greenhouse gases) to the atmosphere, and absolutely, the average temperatures of the Earth will also rise with a speed that has never been recorded in the history.

2.3.    EffectsThe consequences of global warming have taken its role not only on people but also on animals, plants and environment.2.3.2.

Effects on people lifeAccording to a research of United Nation scientists, United States is responsible for nearly 50% CO2 emission. Creating nations are twice as in danger to environmental change as industrialized nations, and little islands states are thrice as in danger( Anjali & Ranjana(2012)). At Chicago in the United States in 1995, they recorded one of the worst disasters in history, when a heat-wave lasted five days caused more 500 death .O. Adedeji et al. (2014) claimed that changing in the worldwide atmosphere will have great influence on living nature and economy. Indeed, even a little ascent in mean yearly temperature can majorly affect a religion’s environment and natural assorted variety. Biodiversity is played an important role in the soundness of biological communities and also for human well-being.

  The economic affected by drought, floods and other disasters will become substantial. A few analysts assess that these expenses are set to ascend from 5% to 20% of GDP of the world. The IPCC( Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has not yet pointed out how to give a  strong gauge of the outcomes of environmental change. It has evaluated the cost of constraining further change. However, on the off chance that such move is made, the worldwide wage will rise weaker if nothing is done: general financial development up to the year 2030 would then be 3 percentages focuses lower (57% rather than 60%, for instance). Another example is a study of John Ray Initiative.

In this paper, scientists claimed that floods and drought are the worst disaster caused by climate change. There was more 200.000 people were dead and more than 2 million people affected by the flood in the period of time between 1975 and 2002.

Furthermore, because of drought, a half million people dead and 1.3 millions live affected. Nowadays, there is approximately 2% of world’s land influenced by drought (this figure was only 1% back to 20 years ago). But recent research shows that in 2050, over 10% of world’s land will be affected by these extremely drought. Not at all, drought is tended to be longer and longer day by day, counted by years instead of months, so that more and more people will be affected and displaced.2.3.

3. Effects on the Earth and environmentIt is not fair to blame an extremely disaster (such a storm, sea level rise, or snow storm and ice melt) to global warming (James Wang & Bill Chameides,  n.d.) 200.

However, research shows that global warming will increase the frequency of these events. Firstly, we come to sea level rise which is one of the most seriously impacts of climate change. There was an increase by 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm) of sea level over 20th century. Aizebeokhai predicted that there would be 25 to 75 cm increase in sea level in 2100, and this figure will be rise by ice melt. O. Adedeji et al.

(2014) said that there was 13 disasters have been registered in the period 1950-1960, and 75 between 1990-1998. By 2100, the average temperature of the Earth will increase by 1.1?C and 6.4?C. In recent years, the sea level will rise by between 18 to 59 centimeters. In the study of Anjali  &  Bhatt  (2012), they pointed out that the desert can be extended by global warming.

Moreover, global warming increases temperature some areas such as North America, Mexico and India, and so that, it may lead to many extinction of many animals and plants, exactly over 1 million species by 2050.3.  ConclusionThis research aims to provide an overview about a serious worldwide problem – Global Warming.

Global Warming, or can be known as Temperature Rise, has so many bad impacts not only people life but also environment. For instance, more than 500 people dead by the result of the worst heat-wave ever in the history that they have recorded. Moreover million people is displaced or affected by drought, flood or storm caused by global warming. As a result, the economy developed more slightly due to the amount of money paid for remedying and repairing facilities after disasters. Some researchers assess that these expenses are set to ascend from 5% to 20% of GDP of the world. Not at all, global warming resulted in ice melt and snow slide, which is played an important role in rising sea level, as well as the basis for the ski industry and other winter tourism.

But the further reason for Global Warming is people’s activities and also the environment. By burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas in industry and housework, human release so many CO2 – or can be known as Greenhouse gas- to the atmosphere. This gas keeps heat in the atmosphere which causes the increasing in the average temperature of the Earth. Combining with CO2 and CH4 which are produced by the volcano eruption, the average temperature rises more and more day by day. To minimize these impacts, both politicians and individuals have to do many things such as plant more trees, recover the forest, or use bags made from paper instead of plastic bags.

Obviously, those activities will take time and a lot of efforts from the society; however, it would bring a better world, better life and better future for everyone. 


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