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1.  Identify the types of diodesa. Backward diode – the backward diode is a efficient rectifier for low voltages.b. Barrit diode – it consists of two back to back diode.c.

GUNN diode – it has a high frequency that can be used for sensors and radios.d. Laser diode – it has small size and weight, low current, voltage, and power requirements, low intensity and wide-angle beame.

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Light emitting diode – LED is usually used for indicating something using light source.f. Photodiode – the function of this is to convert light source into voltage or current.g. PIN diode – it is a high voltage rectifier and consist of three different layers; P-type, Intrinsic, and N-type layer.h.

Pn junction diode – this type of diode had a rectifying current characteristics.i. Schotty diode – also known as hot carrier diode and has a low forward voltage drop.j. Step recovery diode –  it is a charge controlled switch in some way it behaves like a normal diode. k. Tunnel diode – when the voltage increases the current decreases and it exhibits negative resistance.l.

Varactor diode – it also refers as variable capacitor, tuning diodes, varicaps, parametric diodes, etc..m. Zener diode – it permits the flow of current in reverse or forward direction2.

Discuss ,   illustrate Derive the related equations of various rectifier circuits3. Discuss the block diagram of a power supply. You may Illustrate it and the corresponding waveformsTransformer – is a electric device that transfers energy by inductive coupling between its winding circuitsRectifier – is an electrical device that converts  Alternating current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) . The process is known as rectification.

Filter  – are capacitors used for filtering undesirable frequencies. It should be also noted that resistors and inductors can be combined with the capacitors to form filter networks.Regulators – are designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level or to regulate voltage level . Regulators are needed to have a steady , reliable voltage.4.

State other applications of a diode.Applications of Diode- Rectifier Circuit- Signal limiters- Voltage regulators- Switches- Signal Demodulators- Oscillators 


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