10 Characteristics of a Great Manager

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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Characteristics of a Knowledge and Value Centered Manager Checkpoint HSM/220 August 5, 2011 The ten characteristics that are necessary to be an effective manager are; * Self-Motivation/ Value centered * Leadership Skills/Knowledge Centered * Dependability/ Value centered * Excellent Customer Service Skills/ Value centered * Resolving Conflict Abilities/Knowledge Centered * Being a Team Player/ Value centered * Knowledge of the Industry/Knowledge Centered * Integrity and Trustworthiness/ Value centered * Ability to Remain Calm/ Value centered * Optimistic Attitude/ Value centeredA manager needs to be self-motivated in order to run the business efficiently under their own supervision without having to have someone direct their every move; as well as demonstrate time management skills to get all tasks completed in a timely manner. Leadership skills are essential to helping the business or organization run smoothly such as delegating tasks, and communicating those functions to their employees. Also, a person needs to be dependable which demonstrates the ability to show up to work on time and make sure all tasks are completed regardless if they have to stay over schedule to complete them.All businesses are customer service oriented and managers need to have the ability to deal with customers in a positive manner to resolve any conflicts so they might retain that customer’s service.

They should also demonstrate the ability to resolve tension whether it is among employees or customers in order to run a smooth organization or business; which also promotes a positive work environment. The manger needs to be able to deal with a variety of situations that might be stressful, and in order to deal with these situations effectively they need to know how to resolve the conflict or situation in a positive, and calm manner.Having an optimistic attitude will keep them in a positive mindset allowing them to effectively and confidently deal with any circumstance the job might entail, as well as set an example for their crew members. Most of these characteristics are value centered and cannot be learned or demonstrated as easily.

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The knowledge centered characteristics can be learned and this is the primary way that these skills and tasks are utilized to train effective managers who have the value centered characteristics it takes to run a business or organization.


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