The to fulfil the unique requirements of embedded

The late need for a fast processor with high performance forced by the modern highly demanding applications has
motivated designers to look for efficient solutions. Highly demanding applications such as networking, image processing,
communications and multimedia use Multi Processor System on Chip (MPSoC) as a promising solution. MPSoC provides
those applications with high functionality achieving Real-Time deadlines and defeating other vital constraints like the
consumed power and the limitations of area. In the MPSoC field, the recently reconfigurable multiprocessor which is often
FPGA based multiprocessor, is a modern and growingly significant trend. Reconfigurable multiprocessor brings the
vantages of rapidly facilitating prototype and permitting study into more efficient architectures and communications
techniques. These multiprocessors also exclude the drawbacks of MPSoC ASIC production. So farthe production of
MPSoC made major enhancements to fulfil the unique requirements of embedded applications. During this long journey
there were many architecture styles, communication and data transferring strategies in building those systems. Also there
were many methods to distribute the work among the connected processors to achieve the best load balance. Load balance
has always been of great concern because of its strong influence on the performance of the end design. Generally, load
balance has the ability to lessen the effect of wasted resources that exists with the occurrence of idle processors. This paper
covers two parts, first everything about MPSoC environment pointing the benefits brought by the implementation of
reconfigurable computing and the leading part of FPGAs in this matter. The configuration and architecture of MPSoC is
covered as well, with comparisons of different utilised styles to point out the strength and weakness in each of them. The
second part discusses all strategies and algorithms used in load balancing to achieve the best improved performance. 

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