11 cardiovascular. Nuts are the significant part of

11 Health Benefits of Walnuts Dry Fruit (Akhrot)
Today’s topic is about the walnuts. How they are healthy and beneficial for the healthy human. Reference to the previous reliable studies about this rich fruit exposed that it lowers the risk of cardiovascular. Nuts are the significant part of the heart health. Research also revealed the results that the walnuts help to remove the bad cholesterol from the bodies. China is the only country having the largest production of Walnuts in the world. Most of the dry fruit items are being used in the winter but walnut is the only fruit item which is the four season item.
Today we will discuss the benefits of walnuts
1. Walnuts are helpful to maintain the weight and fat of the bodies. Regular use of walnut is helpful to reduce the extra fats from the bodies
2. Use of the four to five walnuts daily can reduce the risk of diabetes disease.
3. Walnuts contain omega factors enzymes that help to reduce the brain tiredness and improve overall mental health. Use 2 walnuts daily before breakfast for mental health stability.
4. Daily use of walnut can reduce the risk of blood pressure and stable the blood levels of the body.
5. Prostate Cancer is a dangerous male disease problem. It also reduces the risk of prostate cancer in the male body.
6. The people who don’t have a healthy sleep or facing the problem of insomnia. Walnuts enzymes are very much helpful in the problem of sleeplessness.
7. Applying Walnuts oil with mixing it Olive Oil can get rid of the head disease.
8. Oil of Walnut or eating the walnut is also helpful in the hair loss problem. It reduces the risk of hair fall. As the walnut is the rich in Vitamin B-7 which is a healthy ingredient in the hair problem.
9. Walnut is also essential in the male sexual health problem. Use 4 to 5 walnuts with boiling into milk before taking breakfast.
10. Walnuts are also essential in a cough, Constipation and strong structural bones as well.
11. Walnuts can also help to get rid of unnecessary hair on the face for women. It is a very important tip to clean facial hair by using the walnut shell. Burn the walnut crust and make the paste by adding some water. Keep it for 12 hours and after that apply that paste for half an hour. This will permanently remove the unnecessary hair from body and face. Repeat the process three times a week for 30 minutes.
Note: Usually there are no any disadvantages of this rich antioxidant fruit item. But here it is important to mention here that pregnant women’s should avoid walnut consumption during pregnancy.

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