.Smart a significant impact on places of business

.Smart phone have become so much part of our lives that they have a significant impact on places of business environment. Smart phones with latest technologies have big potential to help businesses to grow. Business user can connect to their customers or partners through Skype and other applications. It means that businessman can discuss their business plan or projects anywhere, with anyone and any time. The result is better communication with business clients and it leads to businessman to flourish of future career. Now smart phones have provided dual SIM facility and it can use at the same time. This function can develop business interaction and availability. Also smart phones can access to social media which is aid business development and allow business user to stay connected with their customers and partners through social media. Businessman can spread information in social media such as important marketing .For example they can run important marketing campaigns on different social networking websites to attract customers anywhere they need. In addition , businessman can put texts, promotional content, videos and advertisements on their sites to promote their corporation. Smart phone can give quick internet access to search any information such as details of any company or an instant solution to any question. Moreover, smart phones can be walking encyclopedia and can help business owner take their career to new levels. Smart phones help to businessman record important thoughts, innovative ideas and other interesting concepts that can be very useful for their future business plans. Also, in business events and important meetings businessman can open key notes for preparations. With smart phone businessman can make slide show or can control videos during presentation in different urgent moments. Furthermore, if look at the statistics ,U.S. adults use online shop on mobile devices and about ninety six percent of businesses use mobile technology. The fundamental reason improving productivity and growing cost- efficiency is using mobile apps.

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