After becoming an outbreak disease in 1980, HIV become public health issues not only in US but also becoming worldwide issues. This diseases require strong commitment from all sectors to hand in hand make further research about this disease.  Early stages research development for this disease was far from an easy way. Some of societal dynamics that were influenced on this study, mentioned as follow: media less funding, political influences , pressure group and It was noticed that research from CDC are struggled at the first stage development of this research. Societal dynamic from political side that is lack of interest on this case from bureaucrats affected further research for this disease.

 This fact inferred from the movie when CDC had meeting with government health, they were insist to denied that disease has major impact. Blood bank intended to refuse blood test for HIV infected patient. They said flatly that there still was no evidence that transfusions spread AIDS. Furthermore , they were also hampered by politicians and their voters, which is at that time US were facing national election periode. Many of them use this issue to provoked their electability.

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Secondly, media exposure was also one of societal dynamic that affected the development of this diseases. They made AIDS seem as an identic disease for gay communities, until it called as GRID – Gray Related Immune Deficiency , or Gaypneumonia , gayplague, etc. This exposure made its centered focus only on gay community.

Further effect, many demonstration happened as a pro and cons of gay community and their activity come up on the surface. Some of them push government to close bathhouses, some of them may seen this as activity against Gay’s freedom.Lastly, lack of funding on this study are one of factor that affected further study on this disease.

With this sharp focus on homosexuals, the CDC got little money for research. Some people may seen further study of this disease will waste a lot of money and time. As the result,  Proposal II of this disease was turned down.  



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