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Last updated: June 3, 2019

Thisstudy is a comparative analysis on linguistic, cultural and literarytranslation which aims at describing differences and similarities between twolanguages English and Albanian in order to establish a translation modeling. Subsequently,it will examine lexicogrammatical and syntactic features, cultural issues,stylistic processes of translations, and the phenomenon of three aspects of text:  microstructure; systemic  context and  macrostructure intranslations from English to Albanian in three modern novels written in Englishand their Albanian translations by Betim Muço, such as: “A Portrait of theArtist as a Young Man” written by James Joyce, “Seize the Day” written by SaulBellow, and “Lolita” written by Vladimir Nabokov.

              Through the study, it will be alsofound if there are considerable relations among the, macrostructures, microstructuresand metatexts. The macrostructures are universals accommodated by languageregister. The microstructures, however, do not demonstrate systematic correspondence;they are often determined by language peculiarities and translators’ predilectionand curse of action. English is more various with its peculiarities acceptingmany microstructure elements to surface.

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Albanian, conversely, presents moderateusage and less distinctive usage of microstructure elements.            Generally, it will be examined ifthere are significant intertextual and intersystemic relations betweentranslated versions by all the three novels from the same translator and asproposed by José Lambert and Hendrik van Gorp. Moreover, consideration will begiven to the importance of language characteristics, typology and languageuniversals as explained differently by Noam Chomsky in his ‘Universal Grammar’and Joseph Greenberg in order for the translation to achieve greateracceptability for the readership.   


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