culture is the feature of the understanding of culture in visual form. There is
a rising importance of understanding what we cannot see with our own eyes. Studying
of visual culture can be able to help us understand that. We cannot understand
the dangers of battle unless we are clearly shown what they can cause for
example, in the village earth presentation; we are given a clear picture of the
500 million people in the world dealing with the loneliness of imprisonment,
the danger of battle, starvation and the agony of torture. This is something
real happening today in the world and with the aid of visual culture; we are
able to see the clear mental picture. Also, 75% of the world is sleeping hungry
and with no roof over their heads. These can be stated as statistics but with
visual culture comes the impact of feeling that which we cannot experience. Also,
the world-as-a picture is replacing the world today as a text. The village
earth represents this wonderfully in the representation of a miniature earth of
only 100 people. The different stats and ratios provided are clearer in picture
form. It is able to represent all-important aspects of the world only this time
representing an earth with only 100 people. It is easier and clearer to learn,
understand and comprehend details in picture form. Visual culture helps us to
understand more about factors presented to be able to understand ways on how to
solve them.



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