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Last updated: June 4, 2019

Gamification, first documented back in 2008, entered widespread adoption in the second half of 2010 asseveral industry players and conferences popularized it 2. Gamification of education is still in its nascent stages according to The2013 NMC Horizon Report on HigherEducation 3,more particularly so about applications in higher education. There are reported applications of games andgamification across disciplines including Architecture, History and Nursing, but studies have yet to be madeto gamify Engineering courses in tertiary level and how can gamification aroselearning interest and engagement from engineering students. It is important toexplore the mindsets students engage with games — their behaviors andmotivations — and implement a better instruction method using game frameworksthat transform into learning experiences. In the context of higher education,when engineering students are expected to think critically in order to solveproblems, game-like situations can be used in any Engineering courses toreinforce learning of the real world applications of concepts.


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