1Introduction boards the arduino does not require a

2.1.1Meaning of Term Arduino
Arduino is a platform used for making electronics projects. Arduino consist of two units in whole , one is the physical or hardware programmable circuit board (often referred to as microcontroller) and second is the piece of software, or IDE (Integrated development environment) that runs on computer used to write and upload computer code to the physical board.
Arduino works as brain of the projects made on it ,and act as the controller of the project. Arduino was first made at Ivera interaction Design Institute as an easy tool for fast prototyping for students without a background in electronics and programming.
Unlike most older programmable circuits boards the arduino does not require a separate part of hardware in order to program a new code onto board you can just use a USB cable. Arduino uses a basic version of c++ , making it simpler to learn the program. Arduino boards offers a typical form factor that breaks out the function of microcontroller into a more variable package.

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