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2.1.1 Description of Project
Sugarcane Juice is a Marketing concept that deals in product. Our product is tetra pack packed sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice is extensively consumed in summer season due its delectable flavor and low price. But the issue is that it can’t be preserved for prolonged period. In Pakistan no company has introduced sugar cane juice up to now in tetra pack. The methodology employed in Pakistan is kind of old and so many people don’t plump for this sector because of low shelf life threat. Therefore we have chosen to take a shot at sugar cane juice since sugar cane juice is naturally sweet, so it can be sold with a bit extra treatment.
2.1.1 Product Sketch: Sugarcane is the most imperative member of the plant kingdom with a metabolism leading to the accumulation of sucrose. It is transported as glucose and fructose inside the developing plant. The crop gives the least expensive of nourishing and health-giving food.
The sugarcane belongs to the monocot family. It is a perpetual plant which grows from 2.5 to 4.25 meters. With adequate care, it grows up to 7.5 meters. The measurement of steins differs from 2.5 to 8 cm. It has a few joints after each couple of centimeters.
2.1.2 Origin and Distribution: The names sugar and sugarcane have been gotten from the Sanskrit word, Shankar. Sugarcane is native to Pakistan. It was developed here from the old times. Sugarcane is presently cultivated everywhere throughout the globe. Pakistan stands fourth in sugarcane growth, trailed by Brazil, India, Cuba, China, Mexico, the U.S.A., South Africa and Columbia.
2.1.3 Food Value: The juice is extracted from the stems by squeezing it through iron rollers. It is nutritious and refreshing. It includes about 15 per cent natural sugar and is loaded with organic salts and vitamins.
In the beginning, sugarcane was cultivated exclusively to chew in the pacific and South Eastern Asia, a custom which has now spread all through the vast majority of the tropics. The juice can likewise be utilized for drinking or sweetening. In sweltering summer days, it becomes a relieving drink. A little lime juice might be blended in the juice to enhance its flavor. Food value of sugarcane juice is as per the following:
Moisture 90.2%
Calcium 10 mg
Protein -0.1%
Phosphorus 10 mg
Fat 0.2%
Iron 1.1 mg
Minerals 0.4%
Carbohydrates 9.1%

2.1.2 Business Potential
We have more clear and exclusive information about the market and we also know the customer demand and choices. In view of our Research we are strictly determined to serve consumer needs and wants with an absolutely new taste of juice like “Sugarcane Juice”. We are going to market our new product for five groups of people. They are demonstrated graphically below:
Our immediate geographic market will be Karachi city with a populace of around 21.2 million.

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Male & Female
Generation – kid, young, matured people, old people and jaundice patients. We know the following about the profile of the typical resident of Karachi:
22% children
18% mature
38% young
20% Jaundice Patients
2% of the old people
Social class: Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, and Upper Class.
Life style: Achiever
Benefits: Quality
User status: Potential client, first-time client, and consistent client.
2.1.3 Swot Analysis
1) Strengths:
• We have presented sugarcane juice in tetra pack for the very first time. So it is beneficial for us to have more consumer than other new competitors because the time they take to enter the market the buyer will become loyal to our product.
• Sugar cane produces good quality products. It cannot settle with low quality.
• We have introduced it the first time as there is no any sugarcane juice in tetra pack obtainable in market.
User status: Potential user, first-time user, and regular user
2) Weaknesses:
• Sugarcane juices cannot be store for long time.
• Customers are brand loyal toward competitor’s product so we have to persuade them. As there are already competitors who are dealing in juices and beverages, so it is not easy to shift them from other juices.
3) Opportunities
• Healthy organic and natural drinks oriented global and local culture.
• Limited alternative in regionally produced natural fruit juices.
• High trade potential.
• With excellent pre harvest planning, which is around half of the aggregate generation, could be transformed into potential business opportunity.
• Reduction in excise and import duties on food processing machinery.
4 Threats
• We confront trouble if government forces taxes on them which compel them to increase the rate of their product.
• There is massive competition in juices market.
• There are no many entry obstacles so a large numbers of local juices enter in juices market.
• Inaccessibility of necessary industries statistics.
• Single Product Company.
• High processing and packaging cost.
2.1.4 Marketing Strategy
1) Objectives:
We have set aggressive but accomplishable objectives for the first and second years of market entry.
? First-year Objectives: We are aiming for a 3 percent share of the Pakistan juice market through unit sales volume of 200,000.
? Second-year Objectives: Our second year objective is to reach break-even on the sugar cane juice and launch our new product.
2) Target Customers:
Our potential client will be all sorts of people. But we will fragment our market based on their need and properties towards safe product. Our client will be:
? Students at each level from school to universities.
? Employees who works whole day.
? Households and travelers. In summer session each sort of individuals with no age restrains utilizes this juice. Because of unhygienic products greater part of the general population avoids this. We will exceptionally focus on those sorts of people.
3) Positioning:
Brand strategy is at the core of marketing scheme. It is the demonstration of outlining the organization offer and image with the goal that it involves an esteemed place in the targeted consumer mind. Sugarcane juice is exceptionally useful for health and gives refreshment. As we are launching sugar cane squeeze in tetra pack, so we need to make positive and durable picture in the brains of clients that we are giving hygienic juice since we tend to introduce new flavors like mint and ginger etc.
Positioning Statement:
For every individual, who desires a 100% natural product that offers rejuvenation and freshness, our Sugarcane juice is a packaged drink that offers energy and refreshment at reasonable cost, best quality and value for your money.
Point of parity: Different flavor Tetra packing
Point of difference: 100% pure juice
4) Impact
It is quite a new idea which has not been yet commercialized due to the lengthy and uncertain methods of preserving this juice This juice is require not to be advertised so much since it is new thing which individuals will attempt and love a great deal. Simply we can place it on college cafeteria, school cafeteria, office cafeteria, grocery shops, the main thing we should do is to guarantee its timeframe of realistic usability and long preserving time.
2.1.5 Marketing Mix
Sugarcane Juice marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches:
Promotion product, price, place, marketing communication, marketing research(R ; D) and customer service.
1) Promotion:
The marketing of the product i.e. the advertisement, sales promotion and other promotional tool scan alter the purchasing conduct because some of the individuals greatly inspired by the publicity of the product. We have decided to use integrated marketing communication in which there will be mix of different marketing promotional tools that will pass on clear and stable idea of our product to the customers. These Promotional tools are given below:
• Television
• Newspaper
• Promotion vans
• Unique selling proposition
2) Pricing
In the present market of Pakistan, there are various juice items exist. Through the statistical surveying we have uncovered that a large percentage of these items’ price is in the range of Rs.25 to Rs.30.
As we are trying to launch similar products but with different test, it is smarter to set the cost in view of different products to which we will contend. We have experienced our whole production process and found that even if we keep the price of our product with respect to the cost of our competitor product, we can still cover our aggregate expense. So, the selling price we set for our product is Rs.25
Comparison with the other product *price:
Name of the company Price

2.1.6 Conclusion
The idea of sugarcane juice is new in Pakistan. Our Sugarcane juice is an innovative and new concept for marketing. Customers who are aware about their health must accept our product. In accordance to our marketing research, we see that our product as the best marketing product within a couple of years.

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