An analysis of the challenges

2. An analysis of the challenges that India has faced, establishes that all possible forms of violence, all facets of the conflict spectrum, coercive threats and internal disorders have manifested at some point of time. The reaction or response to these issues has been piecemeal, delayed or even uncoordinated. This has been evident in the wars we have fought since independence. Technology may bolster every force with unthinkable potential but it will always depend on the military commander to be able to cohesively lead his men, with their assets, at every level of warfare. He will always have the responsibility of understanding all dimensions of war, managing it, and most importantly, applying changes in proper strategic context. These changes will have to be directed towards a well planned and deliberately thought about aim, rather than an event automatically impressing itself on the country. This is only possible with the synergy at the highest level, even amongst different services, because they will invariably have a common goal. This requirement of synergy has always been a fundamental in the past, the present and will remain imperative in the future as well.

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