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Last updated: June 6, 2019

They were very affected after I explained to the client andrequested the customer to cool down and asked for her nails to be redone at afree cost to secure the salon’s reputation. Having a clear policy for handlingcomplaints ensures that complaints are handled uniformly and that problems canbe resolved quickly. I have learned that the customer is always right. Thecustomer is always right because as a business you want your customers toreturn as well as feel welcomed and appreciated. Most of us realize that tohave a prosperous and growing service business, we must guarantee our servicesunconditionally. Of course, there is that occasional time when nothing you cando will satisfy an unhappy client. If you have exhausted all your options inattempting to resolve the issue and the client is still dissatisfied, just giveher a refund and suggest she may be happier at another salon.

I was given ashort matter of time to identify, analyze and solve the situation. Although this was my first timeencountering a problem without the help of the manager or boss to assist me, Ibelieve that my decision-making process was efficient and effective.

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