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Submitted on: 03/05/2018

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Prepared by:

Hamza Saleem (60)
Zain Abdul Khaliq (90)
BBA 6th M2

Prepared for:
Ms.Shufa Adnan Rao

Department of Management Sciences
The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Resource Persons
Ms. Sobia Tehreem
Mr. Umer Faroque
(Assistant Professor)

Department of Management Sciences’ History
Mr, Asif Tanveer (Lecturer) depicts the department’s history as
“Department of Management Sciences (DMS) was established in 1994 to cater to the demand for quality business professionals by the business community and to serve the needs of students for educational excellence especially in the region of southern Punjab. In order to bridge the gap between the theory and practice, we strive to provide our students with opportunities to learn from real life business practitioners.”

1. Code of Conduct
Mr. Nazik Hussain was Chairman of DMS in 1997. At that time the code of ethics were set to ensure the ethical behavior in Department between students, teachers and management.
The 20 clauses were there in the Code of Ethics but the written description is no more available at department.
The main clauses of the Code of Ethics were mentioned below:

1. Students could wear Shalwar Kameez all over the week
2. There was strictly prohibition of addressing with the word “Yaar” to another class fellow (male to female and female to male).
3. The teachers were supposed to take all the lectures and be on time at the classrooms.
4. Teachers were supposed to stay all the time in class.
5. Coupling was strictly banned in the department premises.
6. If a student had low CGPA (less than 60% marks) the affidavit was taken from student to ensure that he will not get low marks further.
7. Females teachers were not allowed to wear genes/pent/trouser and proper Dobata/Scarf was mandatory.
8. In case of strike of ATI or other student organizations, the presence of students and teachers were necessary.

Above code of ethics stay alive during the chairmanship of Mr. Nazik Hussain.

Present Code of Ethics including some previous clauses is mentioned below:

1. Smoking is strictly discouraged in the premises of department.
2. Student can’t shout in the corridors and department.
3. Nobody can sit at the corridors in front of the building of department or within department.
4. Proper Dress Code (Uniform) is mandatory for every student in whole week otherwise the ISA has authority to fine.
5. Bullying/Ragging/Introduction of newcomers is strictly banned in the department.
6. Disrespect of teacher, non-serious/rude behavior, disturbing the class, teasing the presentator is not allowed otherwise teacher can report it to ISA.
7. Creating noise in class, not completing the assignment within deadline, absence of whole class in lecture is not allowed without prior notice
8. Cheating/ use of mobile phones/ asking answers/ talking with fellows is strictly prohibited during the exams.
9. Teachers are allowed to wear any kind of dress. I,e Shalwar kameez/Kurta/Jeanes.
10. Student can eat and drink anything in the classrooms and also can use his/her laptops and mobiles.
11. False attendance marking is discouraged in the department; students can be suspended due to this kind of behavior.
12. Putting the back side of leg on the walls is strictly banned.
13. Assignments/Tasks/Projects should be plagiarism-free otherwise the instructor can take any action against student according to the rules and regulation of HEC.
14. ISA can fine the students who are not wearing the proper uniform.
15. 80 percent attendance is mandatory in class otherwise students are not allowed to sit in final term exam.
16. Students are expected to come prepared about the topic to be covered in next class for healthy discussion and actively participation in class.
17. Students should take appointment with teacher in office hours for any query.

2. Top Management Support of Ethical Standards
Director of Student Affairs and Deputy Director of Student Affairs are appointed to solve the emerging ethical issues in different departments.

3. Ethics Programs
No, not a single ethical training workshop, conference, symposium or any type of program is held in department of management sciences

4. Ethical Hotlines for Reporting and Discussing Unethical Behavior and Activities
If any person has been passed through the case of bullying, harassing etc, he can directly go to ISA Mr. Usman Ali Gillani or The chairman of the department for help. Extreme violation of code of conduct can also be reported to ISA or Chairman.

Plagiarism Policy
Department of Management Sciences strictly follows Higher Education Commission (HEC) Plagiarism Policy.
Plagiarism describes as “Taking and using the thoughts, writings and inventions of another person or researcher as one’s own without mentioning the original resource”.
DMS uses the online plagiarism software provided by the HEC and Uses some other online software/websites such as: Turniton.com, Grammarly.com,

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