The amusing
change about this is adjustment, the impact it has had for journalism and
journalists overall. ‘Who is a reporter’ is the type of thing that that viewers
to this day ask and want to know, and now what the people are more interested about
asking is ‘Who was this advertised by’. News teams and associations have come
to the understanding to be able to have the reader’s thought they have to
advertise through the social platforms, by doing it like this they have a stand
a better chance of the readers becoming more aware of the things that is put
out there and what is happening. Since social media got involved it has created
a better way for people to interact with different things, the news being one
of them, and in this generation that is all young readers care about is social
media and what they can get from it, and it is a fantastic way of getting young
readers involved by sharing posts and even commenting about it.



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