“Theatre of Cruelty” would be defined as a group of conventions for drama that was created by a person called Antonin Artaud, who was a French mastermind that spent a large proportion of his life in asylums, which when he was not was addicted to opium. This theory of “Theatre of Cruelty”was created with an intention to disturb and attack the audience’s senses in order to appeal to their emotions. This convention has a performance style that is highly dependent on the movements of the actor. Dialogues did not play a big part in a performance as they did in existent plays, as they were given a reduced emphasis. However, movements such as dance and gestures were valued and were used as something more powerful than just spoken words.

In addition, violent and confronting images were used along strong penetrative sounds and intense stage lights were used to abuse the senses of the audience. His main intention of this theory was to trap the audience inside the drama piece and have them get the most out of the performance provided. This theory of “Theatre of Cruelty” that Antonin Artaud created had various conventions which was constructed as he has experienced multiple times with the relationship that can be created between the actors and the audience as he wanted the actors to become a part of the performance as a participant.

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For the acting and characterization of the parts in a performance, he has done many things that oppose to other theories. An example would be that as Artaud encouraged his actors to use their emotions as much as possible in opposition to the Brecht and Epic theatre. Another example would be that the individual characters that come out in the performance were not emphasised that opposed the theories of Stanislavski and Realism. Also, it was a major characteristic would be that the characters in performances based on the “Theatre of Cruelty” were less defined as there were barely any spoken dialogues and mostly movements and gestures such as dance.



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