5.5 culture itself is certainly being built

As we mention phenomenon of “Soviet” cultural heritage we should understand that it is less significant than Russian cultural traditions, as it dates only seventy years long while Russian traditions are rooted much deeper in history. The surprising fact is, that Soviet culture itself is certainly being built on communist ideas and also used values of traditional Russian culture, and, like any other organism, changed and altered with the passing years. So even if we mind the fact the cultural traits are at the same time new and old, we have to bear in mind they might have existed even longer than seventy years, and influence all spheres of relations between people, for example this can be noticed as non professional approach in business sphere or quite controversial behavior towards strangers showing lack of trust, or, on the contrary, curiosity and hopes for the better changes in their connection.
In comparison to Norwegians, Russians can hardly be called client-oriented, and in such public places as cafes, restaurants, aircrafts and government offices employees and staff may be not respective or attentive to customers, which, Norwegians may take quite personally. This makes big contrast to how Russians may see this issue, as they do not pay any serious attention to it, taking it as a normal state of affairs. Norwegians, on the contrary, often comment on the level of service, rating it as very low, and staff showing low interest in customers and mostly interested in having good relations between themselves rather than paying necessary attention to the customers and leaving very unpleasant impression.

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