5 help student notice some of the

5 minutes

Post-listening To see what they might have had trouble understanding.

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The teacher and student then talk about what may have caused the confusion or misunderstanding It can help student understand words and phrases that they didn’t understand when they were listening. Also, it can help student notice some of the differences between spoken language and written language.

3 Minutes Homework Challenge students to listen to dialogue in the real world and note unfamiliar vocabulary they hear.

This vocabulary will later be used in a writing lesson
Effective homework allows students to use real, relevant, and meaningful language.
It requires students to use the lesson content in a more flexible manner.
It lets everyone reuse previously studied language and skills, and thereby make new connections.
It gives students the chance to incorporate pre-existing knowledge, ideas, and interests.
This sort of homework challenges students creatively.
It is engaging and interesting.


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