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Last updated: May 15, 2019

Introduction: Prostatecancer (PCa) is one of the leading causes of death in men’s populationworldwide. Various clinical samples such as urine, blood serum and prostaticfluid have been commonly used for the identification of PCa-associatedmolecular changes. Tissue, being the site of disease genesis, is increasinglygaining more attention as a study material, aiming at the discovery ofbiomarkers for predicting the disease outcome and therapeutic targets.Areas covered: Thecurrent review is the output of a systematic literature search on Pubmed toretrieve articles relevant to the proteomic analysis of tissues for the studyof prostate cancer.

Studies performed the last 10 years using human tissues aresummarized.Expert commentary: Multipleproteomics studies were performed the past 10 years focusing on PCa initialdiagnosis and staging. Even though some reproducible findings have beenreported, many studies lacked adequate validation of findings and relied onrelatively lower resolution proteomics techniques in comparison to currentstate of the art.

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Incorporation of high resolution proteomics techniques(including investigations at protein PTMs) is expected in the near future tocomplement other –omics and enhance current efforts towards molecular subtypingof PCa for patient stratification.


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