Ever wonder what makes a person’s
muscles to contract and relax while doing their daily activities? Neuromuscular
junctions are crucial in processing one’s movements as well as breathing.

Therefore, it is essential for survival. It is located in the body where the
motor neurons of the nervous system transmit messages from the brain and
instruct the muscles cells to contract or take action. It is also the cause of
the beating of an organism’s heart. Neuromuscular synapse is formed when there
is a connection between the motor neurons and the skeletal muscle fibers. In
other words, a skeletal muscle contracts when it is stimulated by a motor
neuron. After the skeletal muscle is stimulated, a synapse can be found. A
synapse is the space between the motor neuron and the skeletal muscle cell. The
neuromuscular converts the action potential from the presynaptic motor neuron
into the contraction of the postsynaptic muscle fiber which results in a
successfully functioning organism. This paper will demonstrate the
physiological events that is involve with activating neuromuscular junction,
the anatomical structure of the neuromuscular junction, and including the three
potential inhibitors affecting the neuromuscular junction. 

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