Second of all, not only are you unable to get
an education for your future life because you are generally poor, but having to
pay for universities year after year could cause pressure and stress for the guardian
of the student and the student himself. Many reliable websites prove the fact
that students and their guardians get stressed and pressured when it comes to
finance. “7 out of 10 students feel stressed about their finances” (The Ohio
State University). Meaning, more than half of college students feel stressed
when paying for university! Being full of stress while attending university is
hell. Students have many other stuff to worry about, and paying for university
which is a big step to your life is a huge stressful subject that shouldn’t affect
their lives. Stress is a terrible thing for students and parents, this can lead
to other negative feelings. Many other websites provide information and proof
that paying for education effect the student and the families terribly and
mentally. Studies have been made that show that there are students who are
suffering from mental ill health and are unable to buy food!!! People have
other stuff to do in their lives, and they are getting stressed because of
debt. ( In UK finance is one of the main causes of stress. A
survey was taken in a university in UK, 2,000 people answered the survey. 15%
of the 2,000 students state that finance is the worst thing to happen to
university, and that it causes mental health issues such as stress. The most
was the actual coursework, which was 18%, meaning there is not much difference,

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