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Neha PatilMr. SwansonCE Intro to Comp16 January 2018Michael Gracey’s The Greatest ShowmanDirector Michael Gracey’s Golden Globe nominated The Greatest Showman (2017) features an ensemble that brings life and energy to unique characters as the greatest showman, and a playwright. Grossing over $100 million globally and $98 million dollars nationally, the film allowed Zendaya Coleman acting abilities reviewed to be seen more than a Disney actress. The film’s complex narrative follows the founder of circus P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) through self-realization and acceptance of those who are not similar to them. After Barnum becomes jobless after being laid off as a clerk at a shipping company, he realizes he could start a circus with people who are considered outcasts because they are not physically not normal or they were racially discriminated. However, he wanted to further his reputation amongst the upper class, he meets playwright Phillip Carlyle ( Zac Efron) and convinces him to join his venture. Carlyle arranged a trip to England for Barnum and his troupe to meet Queen Victoria. Barnum meets Jenny Lind, a famed Swedish singer. He sees potential in impressing the aristocrats and gaining fame and wealth therefore he convinces her to perform in America and he will be her manager. While Barnum impresses the aristocratic patrons, he begins to forget about his original troupe and not include them in social events. Dejected, the troupe decides to not be passive and face against their harassers which starts a fire at the circus . While on tour, Lind falls in love with Barnum, but he refuses her advances, thus she calls off the tour. Barnum returns home to find his circus destroyed,including set and props. Barnum losing hope in his venture, his troupe persuades him it is important to restart because the circus is a family. Barnum agrees and realizes an open-air tent is an amazing solution for a circus and started an iconic look that we know today

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