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Last updated: May 19, 2019

During the twenty two years of my life thusfar, I have watched with excitement the rapid pace at which life in India. Andthe world over is evolving in so many ways and I have been enthusiasticParticipant. I have invoked its aid to immerse myself in the myriad challengesand oppurtinuites that have opened up for me as a student in pursuit of career.

I Rakshith my education had been in myhometown. I have been fortunate to build myself upon a strong foundation academicallyand personally with wonderfull support of my family and friends. The majorsupport and decision of my life is done by my grandfather who’s a teachermentor president of education institution , who guided  hundred’s of students over Fourty Five yearsin Teaching successfully , with his great support and motivation I could takedecision to make further education, carrier and   securinga bright future. Now am looking to explore new environment to seek greatoppurtinuity of learning.I have an aim to achieve a great height inthe field of business. As I belong to class family in which my Dad owner ofelectronic store’s in Chickmagalur where coffee has planted first in India.

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Ihave experienced the growth. The stability of business since my teenage. Iliked my dad discussing about the policies and strategies of business if I hadsome suggestion it was welcomed and if the suggestion was considered duringdecision making I felt confident and tried come up with new ideas.Hailing from family I completed my bachelordegree in Hotel management ,Travel& Tourisum , the technical skills Ilearnt through my degree the assigments, seminars, social activites so farentrapped me with good knowledge and experience. Support of faculty wasoutstanding though we conducted  foodfestival’s and also educating rural childrens how important and necessaryeducation in one’s life, few things which gave me good knowledge.I am seeking outstanding education systemincorporating with best of methodologies, in an international setting outsideIndia. These has been 


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