The Capital resources in the form of

The economic growth is a process
of changing a country’s economic conditions on a sustainable basis to a better
state for a certain period,  Indonesian
has highly essential the rate of economic growth and the largest economy in
Southeast Asia,  it’s one of emerging
market economies of the word meanwhile the country also  following members of G20 major economies.  improving economic momentum should be an
opportunity to invest. But keep in mind, in investing should pay attention to
the form of investment and risk profile of each.  According to  the governor of Indonesian Bank, The Economic
Growth from 2015 to 2016 has shown improvement although the improvement is
still slow.

 there are several factors supporting economic
growth the factor consist of  external
factor and internal factor:

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External factor,

1. Human resource factor

Human resources are the most
important factor in the development process, fast and slow process of
development depends on the extent to which human resources as the subject of
development has sufficient competence to carry out of the process development

2.  Natural Resources Factor

To development of science and
technology encourages existence the acceleration of the development process,
the change of work pattern that was originally using the hand humans are
replaced by sophisticated machines impacting aspects of efficiency, quality and
quantity of a series of economic development activities undertaken and
ultimately resulting in the acceleration of economic growth.

3. Cultural Factor

Cultural factors have their own
impact on economic development done, this factor can serve as a generator or
process driver development but can also be a barrier to development. Cultures
that can encouraging development such as the attitude of hard work and smart
work, honest, and tenacious.

4. Capital resources

Human capital resources needed to
process natural resources and improve the quality , Capital resources in the
form of capital goods is very important for development and the smooth
development of the economy because capital goods can also increase

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