.1.5 the value of the product or service

.1.5 Services are involved to maintain or enhance the value of the product or service to its customers. The company can have values for its customers by listening their feedbacks or voices. Servicing is acknowledged by H & M as a priority in their business and one of the best way to favor its customers. As a fashion retailor company, employees’ capabilities are preceded to have better customers’ services in dealing with them. If customers need helps or any assistances, skillful employees and consultants are available to give the prompt responses and efficient services. Sharing its conscious messages or opinions in communication with customers is a kind of way to increase their service impacts. Sustainability of products for customers’ expectation is also an important part that they should have target to reach as a service. It evens practices product mending in case you can bring the garment back to shop if there is any factory error.

2 Support activities
2.1 Firm infrastructure

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H;M has 4,831 stores in 71 markets and operates in over 50 countries with 171,000 employees globally. Since it doesn’t have own factory, it has to handle with 800 loyal suppliers. The activities such as financial performance, buying, making design, advertising problem, logistics, etc are mainly organized in its head office which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. If the company makes decisions for corporation, it is mostly utilized by the Persson Family as they are holding 73.8% of voting shares.

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