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? Environmental degradation and persistent poverty
The labor force is characterized by low ranges of educational attainment or high unemployment, while the country is heavily based on foreign grants and technical assistance.
Agriculture, fishing, hunting, and forestry account for 40% of gross domestic product, employ 80% about the labor force, and provide most of the country’s exports. An over-reliance on subsistence livelihoods has built a vicious cycle on poverty and resource over-exploitation. Due to poverty, coastal communities on Moheli Island have been too dependent on the exploitation of park resources. About 80% of the island’s population uses dynamite as a means of fishing to maximize short-term fish catches. It is therefore a way for them to contribute to monetary poverty.
Environmental degradation threatens Mohéli’s considerable biological diversity; the island is a tropical paradise, home to more than 500 species of plants, 21 species of birds, and nine species of reptiles. Flagship species for conservation include the endemic Livingstone’s Fruit Bat (Pteropus livingstonii), a giant bat with a part goblin regarding more than one meter, that numbered solely 1,200 folks into 2003.
As well as the threats of species extinction, the island’s ecosystems bear also sustained damage from unsustainable land-use practices. Deforestation, improved agriculture on hillsides due to land shortages, and cattle grazing have resulted in severe soil erosion or runoff to that amount bear damaged the island’s coral reefs. Overfishing has depleted stocks, while the search because of building materials has destroyed mangrove forests then beaches so much are essential breeding grounds for turtles. Coral reefs have also suffered bleaching as a result of the warming Indian Ocean. (Equator initiative UNDP, 2017)

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