Case context Titeflex Corporation manufactured and offered

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elements of operations Strategy that seem to apply universally may be thought
of as principles of operations management”. Based on these principles examine
the operational activities on which Titeflex should focus in developing an
effective operational strategy.


 Elements of an operation strategy known as
principles of operations management in universally. There are 15 principles and
that can be divided into two groups and seven categories. First group concern
about the formulation of operations strategy in terms of customers, company and
competition. Second group concern about the implementation of operational


Formulation of operations strategy


to the given scenario can be summarized details as follows.


the present context Titeflex Corporation manufactured and offered its products
for three main segments. Such as aerospace, industrial and automotive. Titeflex
provides pricy products with excellent quality. Its product line consisted with
different hoses with dissimilar sizes, shapes, fittings and protective Sleeving.


had significant market share in the aerospace market. In this market products
were highly customized and such products had high profit margins. But the
problem is Teleflex’s market share had declined in this segment. Therefore,
they should concern about increase their market share, same as the past.  Organization environment is dynamic. As a
result of that Changing customer needs and wants continuously. According to the
environmental changes aerospace customer’s needs and wants were changed.
Therefore Titeflex should make innovative products for their customers. Because
in this segment customer prefer customized products. Innovation is one of the
best ways to customization. If Titeflex will provide innovative product with
reasonable price, definitely they can succeed in the market.



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