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Last updated: May 25, 2019

Astable political setup that rides on the promise of sustained growth of acountry is closely tied to how well a country can achieve its developmenttargets. India is no exception to this rule and is favorably placed with astable political regime that won with an absolute majority since 1984 electionsand started the “Make in India” campaign.

This initiative, targeting bothmultinational and domestic companies to set up manufacturing units in India, isgeared towards encouraging in-flow of funds in the economy. In view of this,government has made sustained efforts to improve the business climate which hasresulted in improved ease of doing business. India’s ranking on World Bank easeof doing business report 2018 rose to 100 form 130 in 2017. The government recentlyliberalized rules for FDI in single brand retail, power exchanges andconstruction

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