9- R Jolak, 01/15/2018 Provide a deep understanding

9- Go to Google Scholar, search the key term “SoftwareEngineering” and identify:a) the 5 most cited publications in the field,b) the 5 most recent publications in the field.  Serial No. Name of Publication Name of Authors Year of Publication Cited By (Numbers) Description 1. Software Engineering: a practitioner Approach RS Pressman 2005 15717 It’s was bestselling book meant for students and industrial professionals 2. Software Engineering Economics BW Boehm 1981 9438 It describes various technique for economic analysis and their pertinence for software engineering and management. 3. Requirement Engineering: Process and Techniques G Kotonya, I Sommerville 1998 2602 It’s a book providing information regarding Requirement analysis. When this process starts and finish.

4. On agent-based Software Engineering Nicholas R Jennings 2000 2448 It explains how agent based approach significantly effect traditional Software Engineering and its Advantages. 5. A Discipline for Software Engineering Watts S. Humphrey 1995 1903 It is most influential book for the software engineers for developing required skilled to plan, handle and analyze large scale and complex projects a)       The tableunderneath describes, the order of publications which corresponds to the numberof citation.

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     b)     The table underneath describes the order of publicationswhich corresponds to the date of publication.    Serial No. Name of Publication Name of Authors Published On Description 1. Diversity in UML Modeling Explained T Ho- Quang, R Jolak,   01/15/2018 Provide a deep understanding about modeling in software development. 2. Software Engineering Initiative of DLR T Schlauch 01/14/2018 It generally explains how software Engineering plays vital role in DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) research especially for small teams. 3. Software Engineering Initiative of DLR A Schreiber 01/14/2018 Another publication of Software Engineering in DLR Research Activities 4.

Algorithmic Development and Software Engineering for Scalable Sparse Eigensolver in DFG Project. A Basermann, J Thies, A Alvermann, H Fehske, B Lang 01/14/2018 In this publication a team of Scientists gave information about specific libraries called scalable sparse eigensolver libraries that they develop to solve tough quantum physics problems. 5.

The Search Phase of Software Engineering Ahmed Al-Zubidy 01/14/2018 Provide Information about how a systematic literature approach can help software engineers in search phase discussing its roadblocks and solutions.     



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