Sexual Beings

The movie gives
a glimpse into the sex live of Woody, a main that has very few words opens up
to his son David’s questions about why he and his mother (Kate) married and had
children. Woody’s response is simple, opening the eyes on older people’s sexual
histories: “I wanted to screw and your mother’s a Catholic, so you figure it
out.” Kate (wife to Woody) is portrayed as an overtly sexual character. Kate’s
willingness to “let Woody round the bases” while they were dating, to her
playful remarks upon ‘flashing’ a past love interest’s grave (i.e., “See what
you could’ve had, Keith”), it quickly becomes apparent that Kate is not one to
be that Kate was not a shy girl when expressing herself sexually. The point of
showing Kate in that manner to be viewed not as an old woman, with the taste of
wanting sex, but as a woman with a personality, and a sexual history who
happens to haven grown older.

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e.) Mental decline

When Woody was going to collect his lottery
winnings, it seems that Woody may have some cognitive issue, but at no point
during the film is every formally diagnosed. In stead the film shows Woody’s
teenage sweetheart that “he was always a little confused” and from Kate that
“he couldn’t say no to anyone, and it 



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