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Last updated: May 28, 2019

The relationship between geography and history is close since both of them deal with physical environment and human interaction with it. For this reason, geography remains a significant constituent of the history of the world. History views the experience of human beings from time perspective while geography views human beings from the perspective of space. These two subjects cannot be separated because the past events are narrated in history by geographers to understand how events took place. On the other hand, geography relies on history to understand the physical processes of the Earth, for instance, history may give an account of the physical feature but which no longer exists.Most of the African soils are poor despite the myths about their fertility. History tells us how the development of crops has been poor. But geography tells us the reason behind the poor performance of crops.

According to its studies, the place is geologically inactive with cyclical rainfall. Africa has a history of challenges like malaria, yellow fever, trypanosomiasis and other diseases which affect animals and still exert pressure on human history. As much as history has tried to explain the way of these challenges, geography studies the relationship between people and the environment.   This relationship between Africa’s history and geography follows the idea of “African environment” because it describes the human experience from the perspective of time, which is history and also describes the human experience from the perspective of place, which is geography. For example it gives the history of the Saharan desert which is at the same time a place. The images on media also go hand in hand with the “African environment”. For instance, the pictures of the rainforest covering much of West African coast from Sierra Leone to Ghana reflect the “African environment”.

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