________________________________________Hey, that? Yes, girls are better advisors, because

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________________________________________Hey, did you ever wonder what’s missing in your life when you have no friends? Yes, you miss a completely different perspective of your life.Every man needs a friend in his life to learn something about these feminine things, like to ask him, “How can you do that?” Or, what do you really mean when you say that? Yes, girls are better advisors, because if you do not have a good friend, you miss a completely different point in your life.In addition, every girl seeks at least one friend in her life who can understand every crisis in her life.

Girl, if you do not have any better friends then you miss it like midnight movies, drive long, talk and be a bitch.So, if you do not have a best friend, look for the one who is always around.1. You miss the impressive trading adviceSource of the pictureIf you do not have the best friend who can serve you as a “good fairy”, if you stay shopping.

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It can help you to buy your girlfriend, wife, husband or boyfriend best.2. You miss the opportunity to be selected as the best partner of the source of the imageYes, you miss those epic moments of mating when you do not have the best friend who can find a boy or a girl to fall in love.

Oh, this girl (your best friend) will help you find the best partner.3. You lose a maternal figure around youSource of the pictureWell, she can act as a mentor, motivator, gossip, friend, and mother as well. If you lose everything, it will put you in a real world and when you cry, it will always be there. She will understand your problem and give you the best solution.4.

She will not judge youSource of the pictureThe best thing about having a friend is that she will never judge you for what you do or what you are. Either you are a girl or a boy, if you have a best friend, you will learn and it will not worsen because it will never judge you.5. You can talk comfortably about your body function!Source of the pictureHey, you miss all the crazy conversation you can have with your best friend, without fear of being a judge. You may be afraid to discuss certain things with your partner as you enter into new fairytale relationships. With your best friend you have nothing against leading the strangest and dirtiest conversations in the world.6. It will support you in sadness and happinessSource of the pictureIf you do not have a best friend, you literally miss the moments when you are completely broken and all you need is support.

She will be there to hold your hands, cleanse your tears, and give you a shoulder.7. You miss the opportunity to try to be a “detective”Source of the pictureWho knows your secret besides this girl? If she does not know, she will not mind acting as a “detective” for you. Only this best friend has the time to investigate their situation, be it their secret partner or a new fight or what their next step should be.8. You will definitely miss the long talks Midnight-MindlessSource of the pictureAt this point you will definitely agree if you do not have a best friend, so who do you have those long idiotic midnight conversations with? If your partner snores to glory, this girl can make you feel better at the end of the day.9.

Super slut in the world around youSource of the pictureThe absence of these girls who can behave like a super slut is sometimes something that you miss. She will be a bitch for the world around her without being mean to anyone, or making someone sad or feeling bad about it. He will love his gossip, even though the kids like to chat better than a girl.10. You do not have to rely on calories!Source of the pictureOnly this girl is more than happy to order Pizza, Pommes, Chinese food, Moe or Chipotle the same evening.

For the desert they will even eat ice cream directly from the box with you. No regret! No fault!11. You can lose this life or relationship advice without a girlfriendSource of the pictureWell, if you are absolutely wrong in your relationship and your friends leave a line / a word and go away, then only this girl will talk to you all night just to make sure that you come back with your love and make it your own , Happy end. that you will miss that


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